Pool accounts and global transfers

Speed and flexibility – the keys to managing your precious metals

Weight accounts

A pool account at Heraeus allows you to benefit from our global network: Your precious metals are available around the world! Using precious metal transfers makes it easy and cost-efficient to transfer your pool account assets or receive assets from others. It makes no difference whether the transfer takes place within Heraeus or to other market participants, such as for further processing. Simply use our web-based transfer tool.

Of course, you can also have your assets delivered physically at any time in a variety of forms. Grains, sheets, sponge, or bars – Heraeus manages all of the logistics, in Germany and abroad.

All services from a single source – expertise throughout the precious metals cycle

If you have set up a pool account with us, you are already familiar with certain advantages of our services. But we can do even more for you.

Our expertise extends throughout the precious metals cycle: We attend to the physical procurement of all precious metals, from gold and silver through platinum and palladium to rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium. Thanks to our hedging and financing models, we minimize your price risks and help you reduce your working capital. Furthermore, we offer you a broad portfolio of precious metals products. Finally, we can recycle and refine precious metals from a wide variety of starting materials – and provide logistics and waste management. We have expertise along the entire chain.

We are nearby, no matter where in the world you are, to ensure that everything functions smoothly: With a total of ten locations in Europe, China, India, the US, and South Africa, we have a presence in all of the major industrial regions and time zones.