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Meet Heraeus experts at glasstec 2018

When it comes to sophisticated production and decoration of glass, precious metal compounds made by Heraeus are essential. The product range comprises semi-finished products and massive components for glass making as well as precious metal preparations for the decoration of glass. These are characterized by excellent processing properties and stand for efficiency and durability at the same time.

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  • October 23-26,2018
  • Messe Duesseldorf, Germany
  • Hall 12, booth C27

Our technical and commercial specialists will share their ideas and provide professional consulting. We look forward to discussing current projects, processes and challenges with you.

3 questions for...

Dr. Stefan Vorberg, Technical Sales, Heraeus Functional Materials

Dr. Stefan Vorberg

The glass manufacturing process requires very high temperatures and tools made out of extremely high-quality materials – which materials are especially well-suited for the process?

Pure platinum, or reinforced versions of it, are used to manufacture highly pure types of optical glass. With these materials, it is important that the alloys used do not discolor the glass. Dispersion hardening with ZrO2 is one proven method, whereby the alloy is distributed finely throughout the material in the form of very small particles.

Platinum-rhodium alloys are used to manufacture technical glasses and technical glass fibers. Rhodium itself significantly reinforces the material and increases its melting point. The dispersion hardening is used to create materials with excellent creep strength.

Which new products and processes can we expect to see from Heraeus in the next 3 years?

One of our core competencies it to offer optimized materials for special applications. Since the market demand for alloys with high melting points and low evaporation loss is good, we have developed the PtRh20 DPH-L alloy. We plan to introduce it commercially for both glass components and glass fiber bushing plates. If the market moves back to low-rhodium alloys due to the current increase in rhodium prices, Heraeus can react to this change flexibly. We can compensate for the expected higher precious metal evaporation rates with suitable evaporation protection coatings. The market will determine which new products Heraeus will put out over the next few years.

What makes platinum materials from Heraeus stand out?

Dispersion strengthened materials, also called ODS materials, can be manufactured either through powder metallurgy or casting metallurgy. Powder metallurgy materials are very strong, but are difficult to weld and brittle. If materials are produced through casting process, on the other hand, they stand out for excellent ability to weld and good ductility. Only Heraeus manufactures ODS materials using casting metallurgy.

Hendrik Hoffmann, Head of Application Engineering, Heraeus Precious Coatings

Hendrik Hoffmann

What makes Heraeus stand out as a supplier for decorative products containing precious metals?

We are proud to say that our tradition of manufacturing decorative products is based on over 100 years of experience. I am always glad when we can use our products to turn the multifaceted ideas of our global customers into reality. We can create a wide variety of glossy effects on glass, porcelain, tiles, and other materials. I am also personally excited about the latest product developments in inkjet printing

What advantages does inkjet printing offer?

For me, the biggest advantage is that we no longer need film templates and screen printing stencils for inkjet printing. This means that neither film nor screen costs are incurred. It is almost surprisingly easy to print directly from the image file. The nice thing about this is that both individualized single pieces and series production can be handled cost-effectively. Our customers also appreciate the shorter throughput times that inkjet printing brings with it.

What do you expect from glasstec?

I am looking forward to the colorful, international public and the informative discussions with lots of customers and interested visitors. It is always nice to talk about the highly diverse applications of our products. There is also the appeal of getting more familiar with new applications and expanding my own horizons.

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