Mobilize fixed capital. Minimize financing costs.

Purchasing precious metals often requires a great deal of capital. This capital is then tied up in the process and can no longer be used for other purposes. Therefore, it is important to mobilize the precious metals and free up the capital quickly.

Fixed capital

If precious metals play a role in your production process, you know the problem well: Precious metals have the potential to spoil your key figures with regard to working capital.

You don't mind the capital commitment when it serves direct value creation – the catalytic gauze that is currently in use is necessary for production. The situation is more critical for assets that are not currently in use, such as those in the recovery process.

In some cases, refining precious metals, including logistics and financial settlement, can take weeks or months. A company cannot wait that long. It must replace the metal in the production process immediately, even before the recycling process begins. Under such conditions, it can be challenging to stay within budget, for example.

Below, we present an overview of how you can professionally manage your fixed capital. If you would like to explore the topic further, please contact us. We will gladly advise you about the appropriate model for your business.

Fast processing for fast credits

The rapid processing of your orders and the immediate crediting of your valuable precious metal is essential for optimizing your working capital. We ensure that the precious metal you give us for processing is credited to you as quickly as possible.

Precious metal loans (leases)

Precious metals are very valuable. A high volume of precious metal inventories entails correspondingly high costs. Are you also looking for ways to interim-finance precious metals without having to purchase them, for example, when you are about to replace your catalyst? We can provide a precious metal loan to bridge the time while you replace your product. In this way, we optimize your cash flows and working capital and minimize complexity by providing a point of contact for recycling and precious metal financing.

Precious metal financing

Even in the most efficient recycling processes, it is inevitable that small amounts of precious metal will be lost. We offer you a wide variety of models and options for financing your additional precious metal needs. Whether through price hedging with a futures transaction, forwards, or options, we will work together to find the transaction types that are right for you.


Our experts will be happy to advise you. Quickly, competently, and, thanks to our global network, nearly around the clock. No matter where you need your precious metal, we can provide it – worldwide.