Cross-border logistics for valuable precious metals waste

For you and for us, these are valuable secondary raw materials. For the authorities, they are waste. And there are regulations governing waste. There are multitude of regulations. As a result, it is not always easy to transport the waste to where it can be recycled. Read on for more details:

Waste Management

Modern industrial processes are inconceivable without catalysts. Nearly every industry in the world needs them to manufacture its specific products. Catalysts containing precious metals play a crucial role when it comes to activity and selectivity in chemical processes. At some point, however, those catalysts reach the end of their service life and must be replaced.

For other industrial applications as well, the time comes when it is impossible or impermissible to continue using or reusing the input materials or products containing precious metals. The materials must be recycled.

This is where the challenge begins. The materials must be moved from the production site to the recycling facility. This is often anything but simple, because the authorities view these secondary raw materials as primarily one thing: waste. Depending on the type of scrap, it may even be classified as potentially hazardous waste. And if it must be transported across borders, the situation becomes complicated. A long list of statutory requirements must be observed.

Here, it makes sense to rely on experts, making sure that the recycling partner has well-established expertise. A competent, globally positioned partner can definitely simplify and shorten the process.

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