Increase solar cell efficiency and optimize PV production process

The cell performance dictates competitiveness in the PV industry. Increasing the cell and cost efficiency is therefore an altimate goal. A good partner understands your processes, from ingot production via wafer to metallization, from cell to module. In close cooperation you target for higher yields and optimized processes along the entire value chain.

Powerful research for higher efficiency

Heraeus Photovoltaics innovative capacity helps to provide new efficient products.

Constant innovation is required to achieve efficiency gains and to make next generation PV technologies possible. You need a supplier who is working with you to advance the technology.

Close cooperation with global suppliers is extremely important to timely support your requirements. A large and dedicated team of R&D and application engineers build the basis for outstanding innovation. Together with your innovation team, this R&D and engineering capacity enables you to drive the efficiency of your processes and impact the PV industry.

Perfect pastes that scale up to your needs

Heraeus: from first sample to full size batch in only two to three months.

Cell efficiency is determined by the paste performance. Innovative metallization solutions can contribute to efficiency gains of up to 0.2% every year.

In an intricate and complex laboratory process the silver pastes’ efficiency is constantly being improved. Once the perfect composition has been identified, you need a partner who has full control on a fast scale-up from kilograms to tons of silver paste and delivers the best suitable paste in the required volume.

Focus on each step of the process

Heraeus offers complementing products and services for highest efficiency.

For stable processes and high product yields, all production steps and used materials have to be perfectly adjusted to each other.

Advanced application labs can simulate the production setting specific to you, helping to find optimal individual solutions. A reliable partner offers deep process analysis, recommends the perfect paste and advises on the optimal printing and firing process. Accelerated ramp-up cycles will benefit from a wide experience gained over decades of engagement in the PV industry.

Globally active application engineers will join you locally at your sites.

High quality standards for stable manufacturing

Heraeus shows lowest batch-to-bath variations.

Stable and efficient production processes can only be achieved if high quality raw materials are used. End-to-end quality assurance within the entire value chain must be employed from the raw material supply to production and testing.

An optimized production process to lower cost per Wp: the steps to success.

Looking at the entire production cycle will yield the best results.