Increased solar cell efficiency: the power of an optimized PV production process

The Levelized Cost of Electiricty (LCOE) dictates competitiveness in the PV industry. Reducing the LCOE is therefore a number one goal. A good partner understands your processes, from wafer production to about diffusion, from heating to metallization. Together you work to reduce your LCOE per Wp via an optimized production process.

PV value chain - Heraeus cell efficiency gain

An optimized production process and lowered cost per Wp: the pillars of success.

Looking at the entire production cycle will yield the best results.

Tireless research for higher efficiency

Heraeus Photovoltaics innovative capacity helps to provide new efficient products.

Without constant innovation you’ll fail to meet the efficiency gains required to keep up with the next generation PV already waiting in the wings. You need a supplier who is working with you on the advanced technology the market demands.

Close cooperation with suppliers worldwide is extremely important. A large and dedicated team of R&D engineers as well as application engineers build the foundation for outstanding innovation.

A partner with a global R&D footprint can provide 24 hours research to deliver the required 0.2% efficiency gain every 12 months. Together with your own innovation team, this innovative capacity enables you to drive the efficiency of the PV industry.

Perfect pastes that scale up to your needs

Heraeus: from first sample to full size batch in only two to three months.

Cell efficiency is based on the quality of paste used. A leading supplier of metallization pastes to the PV industry can ensure efficiency gains of around 0.1% year on year.

In an intricate and complex laboratory process the silver pastes’ efficiency is constantly being improved. Once the perfect mixture has been identified, you need a partner who cannot only deliver the perfect paste but scale up from producing kilograms to tons of silver paste for their clients on short notice.

Eyes on each step of the process

Heraeus offers complementing products and services for highest efficiency.

Consistent quality of output and process stability are essential for profitability. All production steps must perfectly match each other and the materials used.

Advanced application labs can simulate the production setting specific to you, helping to find optimal individual solutions. A good partner offers deep process analysis, suggests the best cell design and layout, recommends the perfect paste and advises on the optimal printing and firing process. Wide experience gained over decades of involvement in the PV industry benefits your bottom line beyond using products only.

Globally active application engineers should be happy to join you locally at your premises if this promises better results. Ramp-up cycles can be accelerated, helping to achieve better results.

Quality assurance for smooth manufacturing

Heraeus shows lowest batch-to-bath variations.

The quality of materials used in the production process dictates the quality of the finished product. In manufacturing our pastes, end-to-end quality assurance must be employed: from the suppliers of raw materials to processes and testing methods the lowest batch on batch variation (CPk > 1.67) must be shown.

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