Future Energy

In order to meet the global increasing energy demand up to 60% by 2050, renewable energies will be the most economical way in the future to produce, to convert and to store energy. Breakthrough technologies and innovative energy solutions are key for a competitive edge.

Heraeus´ architects of sustainable growth - creating future technologies.
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The architects of sustainable growth

The future of Renewable Energies needs new energy concepts that directly contribute to cost efficiency. Especially the reduction of Levelized Cost of Electricity within the next years is mandatory. It is an advantage to have a supplier that combines competencies from energy generation about conversion to energy storage. Sustainable architects will create the renewable energy future together.

Architects of sustainable growth

Heraeus: SMART energy of the future
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Smart energy of the future

The energy demand is increasing constantly. Especially in big cities the enegy needs to be distributed as and when required. An energy grid of tomorrow needs more storage cpacity, flexibility and more dynamic reaction time in order to meet this challenge. Large scale grids need to become smarter to be more cost efficient and sustainable.

Smart energy of the future

Heraeus Photovoltaics offers wide portfolio for India’s rising photovoltaic industry
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Rising PV industry

The energy demand is raising all around the world. But there are regions that need to solve much more challenges. So is India. India’s energy industry is already today not able to meet the demand. In order to be sustainable the government has determined the energy sector as one of their main focus in the next 15 years plan. The future growth is set much faster than that of all major economies in the world. Focussing on renewable energies offers a big chance not only to solve the energy challenges.

Renewable energy will solve India´s energy challenge

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