The architects of sustainable growth

Change is only sustainable if we can make it profitable. Our activities in the field of the Renewable Energies system therefore directly contribute to cost efficiency.
50% reduction of Levelized Cost of Electricity within the next five years: one third is possible with Heraeus technologies.

LCOE-Reduction of Renewable System

Perfectly matched solutions for increasing efficiency requirements

New technologies will transform the use of photovoltaics and increase efficiency:
architecture and design modules to energize our daily lives.

+20% Cost Efficiency within the next 5 years with Heraeus Photovoltaics solutions

In the cities solar panels will be invisible:

  • High efficiency thin film will be integrated in roof elements.
  • Windows coated with transparent organic or inorganic thin film material.
  • Facades consisting out of thin film modules in all different colors. Classical panels will be invisibly integrated in construction materials.

Crystalline silicon will still be part in majority of panels:

  • Near term efficiency increase from PERC to PERC generations.
  • Mid term efficiency increase will come from back-contacted heterojunction or tandem modules.

Increasing reliability of wind parks for a double impact on cost efficiency

70% of operating costs for offshore wind turbines are maintenance costs.

1% Cost Efficiency within the next 5 years

Failures in electronic components are main cause for downtimes and maintenance cost because of the thermomechanical stress.
Heraeus technologies contribute to reduce cost of energy:

  • Higher reliablity and better maintenance lead to lower downtime. As a result the annual energy production will be higher and operational expenditure will decrease.

Heraeus technologies reduces maintenance cost and increases the annual energy production.

The Heraeus Die Top System , an electronic packaging system used among others in inverters, reduces thermal stress and increases the modules lifetime. The new system enables the use of copper wire in combination with sinter technology. It significantly improves the electrical, thermal and reliability performance of the die connection, and effects the whole module performance:

  • Up to 20x higher module lifetime.
  • Higher temperature resistance, enables junction temperatures of e.g. 200°C.

Heraeus platinum sensors for temperature control enable a better utilization of the wind turbine’s capacity and increase security.

Maintenance-free slip ring contacts for data transmission to the rotor blades are further decreasing operational costs.

Higher active catalysts for PEM Electrolysis

Generation of Hydrogen via PEM electrolysis from excess energy of renewables is the key factor to realize clean mobility and affordable energy storage.

10% Cost Efficiency within the next 5 years

Today 95% of all hydrogen is produced with fossil resources. Renewable Energies is the only clean alternative.

But in order to make clean hydrogen competitive, we need to increase the overall efficiency of hydrogen generation via Polymer Eletrolyte Membrane (PEM) electrolysis . The efficiency of hydrogen generation at the platinum-based cathode material strongly depends on the anode catalyst material since the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is limiting the overall performance.

Heraeus provides advanced anode catalysts to enhance system efficiency and contribute to lower costs:

  • Increase power conversion by 20%
  • Reduce precious metal content by factor 10
  • Reduce production cost by >50% per kg H2

Catalyst coated membranes (CCMs) for transport, automotive and stationary fuel cells

Fuel cells are the preferred drivetrain for long-distance and heavy duty applications. Reliable supply and customized solutions allow for fast implementation in automotive production processes.

15% Cost Efficiency within the next 5 years

Fuel cells are entering their way into our daily life – being available in numerous applications such as drivetrain systems in material handling vehicles, stationary applications and combined heat-power plants.

Heraeus Fuel Cells develops and produces the heart of the PEM fuel cell, the catalyst coated membrane (CCM) AnkaloN®. It is designed for highest requirements ensuring stability and performance for a huge variety of applications.:

  • reduced implementation efforts by best-fit products,
  • optimized platinum utilization and superior CCM performance to improve your entire fuel cell system,
  • easy to integrate into your process,
  • Precious metal life cycle solutions from one hand.

Superior catalyst activity and corrosion stability is key for superior CCM performance: Heraeus advances the optimized "Heraeus Catalyst Support" (HCS) with well controlled and tunable porosity and graphitization degree. To advance your fuel cell system our product is continously improved.

New energy concepts require advanced storage solutions

Even though lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors are on the rise, advanced lead-acid batteries will have by far the biggest impact on cleaner mobility within the next 20 years.

Enhancing ion-transport for your batteries - add Porocarb®.

20% Cost Efficiency within the next 5 years

The future energy landscape sees increased demand for renewable energy storage and grid balancing:

  • Battery costs will decrease by 20% every year to 150 USD by 2020.
  • Battery farms and batteries in every building will form an integrational part together with energy generation.
  • Vehicles will form a massive electricity storage cloud.

Growth in electro-mobility, electricity storage and decentralized storage systems for Renewable Energies demands flexible storage capacities, such as lithium-ion batteries or supercapacitors are able to satisfy these requirements.

With Porocarb® , Heraeus offers a solution not only for emerging battery technologies but also for widely-used lead-acid batteries:

  • up to +20% higher energy density,
  • up to +50% higher rate capability,
  • improved cycle life,
  • uncompromised safety.

Renewable Energies - a smart job motor

Renewable Energies will create new, high value and cleaner jobs.

Millions of new smart jobs

Universities curriculums

  • Renewable Energies integration will be mandatory for architecture, construction engineering and design.

Architects rethink

  • Architects will construct power plants when they design any building. Only power generating facades will be available.

New enhanced jobs develop

  • e.g. integration of facade builder, roofer and electrician in line with China 2025, also for craftsmen.
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