New Heraeus diffusion consultancy ushers next step of efficiency gain for Photovoltaic industry

SHANGHAI, CHINA – April 20, 2017

  • New service allows cell manufacturers to further optimize production processes and significantly increase cell efficiency by up to 0.2% through optimized connection between wafer and silver paste.

Heraeus Photovoltaics, a leading provider of technology solutions for the renewable energy industry, has launched a new diffusion consultancy service to optimize the diffusion of phosphor in crystalline Silicon photovoltaic wafers at the 11th SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai. Phosphor is used during the cell production to optimize the transport of electrons between the silicon wafer and the silver paste. The full potential of high quality materials can only be demonstrated, when the production processes are perfectly matched.

Heraeus’ new consultancy service allows manufacturers of solar cells to optimize the connection between wafer and silver paste as well as an improved blue response and thus significantly increase efficiency of the cells by up to 0.2%, optimize production processes and save resources and production time.

“All Heraeus products and services have the common goal: significantly enhance the overall efficiencies of our customers at cell level as well at production process level. We are convinced that by increasing efficiencies throughout the whole value chain the costs of renewable energies can be reduced by a further 50 percent within the next five years. Heraeus expects to be able to contribute about one-third to this cost reduction,” said Andreas Liebheit, President Heraeus Photovoltaics.

Heraeus offers a complete analysis, simulation and optimization framework to identify and implement the optimal diffusion profile under its customer’s process conditions.

Collaborating with world class research institutions, cell manufacturers will be asked to provide samples in various stages of their production process to perform loss mechanism analysis. Heraeus will then use the resulting data to adjust the production parameters and optimize the processes to gain the full potential of the material.

The new diffusion consultancy service will be applicable to PERC, BSF and n-type bifacial cells and can be adapted to different production processes.

Heraeus exhibits its full range of products and services at the 11th SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition 2017 in Shanghai.

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