Heraeus Photovoltaics wins EGing Photovoltaic Technology for new Knotless™ screen metallization paste

SHANGHAI, CHINA – April 20, 2017

Heraeus Photovoltaics, a leading provider of technology and service solutions for the renewable energy industry, won EGing Photovoltaic Technology as the first major customer for its SOL9641BX Knotless™ screen metallization paste, providing efficiency gains and performance stability whilst at the same time reducing the usage of metallization paste.

EGing became the first integrated photovoltaic manufacturer worldwide using Knotless™ screen printing in mass production of c-Si solar cells. In 2016 the company started investing in knotless printing when building additional production capacities for mono-PERC cells. In early 2017 Heraeus successfully adopted its latest product platform SOL9641B, which provides superior metallization contact on ultra-lightly-doped-emitters, to meet EGing‘s specific requirements for Knotless™ screen printing. The resulting SOL9641BX Knotless™ screen metallization paste provides efficiency gains and performance stability at a lower cost. Apart from the product performance, EGing chooses Heraeus because of its strong R&D and process optimization capabilities as well as of the comprehensive training program provided to EGing engineers and operators.

Dr. Kaisheng Zhang, Technical Director, EGing, comments: “In mass production SOL9641BX shows a metallization contact resistance superior to competing products. The 0.1% cell efficiency gain we achieved boosts the performance of our modules up to 310W. By combining SOL9641BX and further optimized production processes, we expect an even higher power output of our mono-PERC modules.”

“With the partnership between EGing and Heraeus, our SOL9641BX Knotless™ paste realizes the full advantages of Knotless™ screens”, adds Dr. Weiming Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, Heraeus Photovoltaics. ”As technology leader in metallization paste we were able to drive the innovation of this product in a very short timeframe.”

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