Silver pastes for Organic Photovoltaics and Heterojunction solar cells

A highly promising concept for future solar cells is the heterojunction (HJT) architecture. As ITRPV predicted, stabilized cell efficiency of HJT will increase to 24% by 2026. Moreover, metallization of HJT cells offers the advantage of using low-temperature steps, which reduces energy consumption and hence production costs.

An organic photovoltaic solar cell (OPV) uses organic electronics (conductive organic polymers or organic molecules) for light absorption and charge transport to produce electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Single layer organic photovoltaic cells are made by sandwiching a layer of organic electronic materials between two metallic conductors, such as indium tin oxide (ITO) or low-temperature silver paste, and Aluminium, Magnesium or Calcium as another layer.

SOL580 Series

Low Temperature front-side Silver Paste can reach up to 0.05 % Eta gain.

The SOL580 has been developed based on our recent improvement in low curing temperature paste chemistry, combined with the latest breakthrough in silver powder development and organic design.

Your Benefit - Our Strength

  • Higher efficiency gain through reduced optical shading and less volume resistivity.
  • Improved sintering of the silver at low curing temperatures.
  • Defect-free printing in mass production.

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