Selectively Coated Ribbon for solar cell interconnection - connecting with the future

Interconnection ribbons are the key piece to connect individual cells to full-size modules. Like this cell connection, at Heraeus we connect our innovation with the needs of our customers in the global photovoltaics industry to provide the most advanced solutions along the entire value chain.

Coated Ribbon for solar cell interconnection

With our latest innovation, the Selectively Coated Ribbon (SCR) we provide a solution to increase module efficiency. The SCR is a new innovative product of Heraeus Photovoltaics, targets on enhanced efficiencies without impacting the module production process.

Effective increase of the module power on average by 1.9 W

The SCR is covered by a highly stable coating to achieve enhanced internal reflection compared to standard ribbons; at the same time the optical width is reduced. This contributes to higher currents and in a power gain of 1.9 W and significantly higher module efficiencies.

Successful integration into a plug-and-play process

Thanks to its outstanding design, the SCR is ideal for all relevant soldering (e.g. contact, infrared and induction) and stringing technologies. SCR achieved convincing results and passed successfully various standardized tests, all meeting highest quality standards.

Your Benefits – Our Strengths

  • Enhanced internal reflection
  • Power gain at every angle of incidence
  • Increased module power
  • Plug and play process integration

Excellent partners worldwide

In 2017, we announced a joint partnership with Ulbrich Solar Technologies, a global leader in the production of PV ribbon products for traditional solder and conductive adhesive technologies. In this partnership we combined the technical expertise of Heraeus and Ulbrich’s know-how in production of high quality ribbons resulting in SCR, the new innovative PV ribbon for solar cell interconnection.

In 2020, we announced a strategic partnership for the patented Heraeus product line of Selectively Coated Ribbons (SCR) for module manufacturing customers. Under this agreement, YOURBEST will handle the manufacturing and sales of this Heraeus technology for the Asia-Pacific market, which will include Mainland China, Taiwan China, Korea, and other markets in the region. Heraeus Photovoltaics will manage its Intellectual Property for SCR and provide ongoing R&D and technical support.