Sputtering Targets for Photovoltaics

The growing demand for renewable energy sources has led to a continously growing demand also for products out of the global photovoltaic (PV) industry.

A promising technology within PV is thin film photovoltaics (TF PV). The thin semiconducting layers made of amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride or copper indium (gallium) - diselenid, short CIS and/or CIGS are usually built on a glass substrate and only about a thousandth of millimeters thin, thus a hundred times thinner than wafer based solar cells and requires much less material. One important technology for the manufacture of thin film modules is sputtering technology, for which Heraeus sputtering targets offer extensive process know-how & supply capabilities; emerging technologies like combination of existing TF and crystalline aiming for high power solutions will be in need of totally new material compositions, with varying target geometries and differing ratios of existing alloys and compositions – Heraeus is able to deliver.

Photovoltaic Sputtering Targets

Besides small scale R&D Heraeus has proven ability to supply higher numbers of qualification sputtering targets but more importantly scale up to volumes as needed and at the same time with continously high quality level. Whereever in the world we can support big investments with suitable target material as reliable source for sputter materials.

Our approach is comprising wide bandgap of manufacturing technologies (casting, powder metallurgy, spraying, bonding) to find best solutions for each process, our cooperation with coating system manufacturers and customer leads to development of promising new solutions.

A new dimension is reached within the GBU Photovoltaics of Heraeus by offering the complete material flow for pastes as well as sputtering targets, this unique position with help to further support the industry in realizing optimization in the existing production environment but also will help push new options on the horizon.

Sputtering Targets for Photovoltaic Applications

Other materials avaliable on request

Material Name Composition [wt%] Purity Rotatable Planar
Ag Silver n.a. 3N7
Al Aluminium n.a. 4N -
CuGa Copper Gallium various 4N
In Indium n.a. 4N, 5N
Mo Molybdenium n.a. 3N5
NiV Nickel Vanadium NiV 7 3N -
Si Silicon n.a. 5N (4N Rot)
ZAO® (AZO) Zinc Aluminium Oxide ZnO / Al2O3 (1 – 2) 3N
ZnAl Zinc Aluminium ZnAl (0,5-2%) 3N
i-ZnO Intrinsic Zincoxyde No doping 3N -
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