Ingot solution for higher purity and yield in Si melting applications

Ingot solution offers HeraGlaze® SiO2 diffusion barrier coating and HeraBind high purity SiO2 binder that provide together up to 4% higher yield per ingot, a real benefit to all integrated PV-manufacturers.

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HeraGlaze® is a high purity, high density SiO2-barrier coating, which prevents thermally induced impurity transfers from the crucible surface into the Si-ingot without increase of oxygen permeation during the crystallization process. The enhanced quality of the Si-ingot results in improved carrier lifetime leading to significant higher cell efficiencies.

HeraBind is a high purity SiO2 binder , that can help to densify Si3N4 layer and enhance the performance of HeraGlaze®.

CCz quartz glass ring

  • Used during CCz process.
  • Help to avoid the diffusion of impurities.
  • Good lifetime assured by advance manufacturing technology and good thickness.
  • Heraeus quartz material grades are qualified at major players in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry.
  • It is a specialty of Heraeus to be able to supply tubes made by various production routes and of different material grades.
  • Quartz glass tubes are either drawn in a cost efficient single step process or a very flexible multi step process.

Your benefits – Our strengths:

  • Enhances crucible performance in multi-silicon solar wafer production
  • Optimised cost performance with up to 4% higher yield per ingot
  • Enhanced cell efficiency by improved carrier lifetime
  • In-situ applicability, no additional investments required
  • High flexibility: it fits to all commercially available crucibles

HeraGlaze® effectively prevents the diffusion of impurities

In standard wafer production processes, it causes the release of impurities. These contaminations e.g. Fe affect ingot yield and cell efficiency.

HeraGlaze® effectively prevents the diffusion of impurities by forming a highly densified layer thus creating a diffusion barrier on the crucibles surface. Applied as a dispersion of micro- / nanoscale SiO2 particles it sinters in-situ to create a glass-like layer.

HeraBind connects HeraGlaze® with the Si3N4 layer

Adding HeraBind as high purity SiO2 binder provides the same efficiency results and can improve the effectiveness of HeraGlaze®.

HeraGlaze® allows for up to 4% more wafer volume yield

The overall impurity level in the ingot bulk material is reduced by the HeraGlaze® barrier coating, resulting in an improved carrier lifetime which contributes to significantly higher cell efficiencies.

By HeraGlaze® the purity of the silicon is ensured already at the Si-ingot production, which is the first step of the entire solar cell and module production process. This provides a real benefit to integrated PV-manufacturers, which can enhance yield and cell efficiencies simultaneously.

HeraGlaze® is supplied as a dispersion of fine-ground micro-/nanoscale SiO2 particles. Due to it’s in-situ densification capabilities the crucibles can be coated directly in the ingot melting processes at the customer’s premises. Easy and fast application provides customers with a cost advantage over other solutions.

For detailed product information, please take a look at our product brochure and contact our local technical service teams.