Heraeus Solaray - Lamp for furnace

A Heraeus Solaray lamp for furnace provides higher sintering efficiency with perfect matching infrared radiation lamp. In order to find a suitable IR lamp to lower the cost per Wp at the end, high performance filament material is needed. IR lamps can support this overall target with high reliability and long life time.

Solaray infrared emitters for more efficiency in the PV production process.

Within the photovoltaic production process infrared technology is used several times. All the objects can absorb part of the infrared radiation. A part of the infrared radiation is reflected by the surface, and some can pass through the surface of the object, the other part will be absorbed. Part of the absorption will be converted into heat. In order to convert as much absorbed raditation as possible into heat energy products, it is very important to choose a suitable spectral infrared radiator. Just with a perfect matching lamp the heating process will become more efficient and more accurate. Heraeus Solaray lamps help you to gain efficient heat energy with corresponding wavelength matching with your sinter furnace!

Your Benefits – Our Strengths:

  • Perfect matching IR lamp of corresponding wavelength for your sinter furnace.
  • Heraeus Solaray lamp can be used in each area of the furnace.
  • Highest international quality and reasonable price of the highest cost-effective products.
  • Worldwide distribution and professional technical online support to supply optimal sintering process.

Technical Data

  • Total lenght: 540 mm maximum
  • Lit lenght: 280 +/-5 mm
  • Left lead wire: 230 +/-5 mm
  • Right lead wire: 230 +/-5 mm
  • Tip off length: 14 mm maximum (incl. the bulb)
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Power: 1100 W (min. 1045 W / max. 1155 W)
  • Rated life: median 5000 hrs