Metallization Pastes for Knotless Screen Applications

You need a partner that helps you with the metallization of solar cells with a knotless screen process. Heraeus silver pastes offer ultra-fine-line screen printing, also for mass production.

SOL9641AX/BX Series

Front Side Silver Paste designed for “Knotless Screen” can raise > 0.1% Eta gain.

The Heraeus SOL9641AX and SOL9641BX front-side silver paste was specially designed for "Knotless Screen" with finer fingers than printing though conventional screen based on the latest technology.

Different from the conventional metal wire mesh, the “Knotless Screen” with so-called “zero degree mesh”, can give more room for the silver paste to go through.

Your Benefit - Our strength

  • A unique paste rheology enables a defect-free print through a less than 26 μm screen opening in high throughput mass production. Higher efficiency gain is ensured.
  • Maximum flexibility: SOL9641AX suitable for black-silicon with excellent adhesion, SOL9641BX with wide process window for PERC and Ultra-lightly-doped-emitter.
  • You will benefit from an easy customization for your individual types of "Knotless Screens".
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