Metallization Pastes

As an innovative supplier to the global Photovoltaics (PV) industry, Heraeus specializes in silver metallization paste for solar cells, predominantly in c-Si technologies. Our latest solutions include low-temperature processing pastes for Heterojunction, Organic PV and Perovskite solar cells as well as metallization solutions suitable for passivated contacts. For any new challenges, please contact your local sales representative.

Current Product Highlights

Current Product Highlights

The Photovoltaics industry is a highly dynamic market environment. Our mission is to provide customers with leading-edge materials that help increasing the efficiency of cells and modules and, at the same time, optimizing their cost per Wp.

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Press Release: Heraeus introduces new front-side silver paste designed for diamond-wire cut multicrystaline solar cells at PV Taiwan International Photovoltaic Exhibition

Product Spotlights:

Metallization Pastes for BSF Cells

Metallization Pastes for BSF Cells

Get an overview of our current front- and back-side silver metallization pastes for p-type full area Aluminum back surface field cells.

Our materials, available for a broad range of applications, have been optimized for easy processing and to increase cell conversion efficiency.

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Front-side metallization pastes for BSF Cells:

Back-side metallization pastes for BSF cells:

Metallization Pastes for PERC Cells

Metallization Pastes for PERC Cells

The PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) cell technology enables conversion efficiencies beyond 20% on p-type silicon. With an increasing number of worldwide cell producers adopting this industry scale technology, it can be seen as the next volume driver in c-Si PV.

Please find below our latest PERC suitable front- and back-side silver metallization pastes.

Front-side metallization pastes for PERC solar cells:

Back-side metallization pastes for PERC solar cells:

Metallization Pastes for n-Type Cells

Metallization Pastes for n-Type Cells

The share of n-type silicon solar cells is expected to increase in the coming years as wafer costs go down and the inherent higher quality silicon allows to achieve higher overall conversion efficiencies than p-type wafers. Due to the absence of Boron-Oxygen pairs, there is no light induced degradation in n-type cells.

The 3 major n-type cell architectures are:

  • n-PERT
  • Heterojunction
  • IBC

Heraeus is renowned for pioneering in metallization pastes for n-type solar cells. See here our metallization paste portfolio for this application.

Pastes for heterojunction cells:

Pastes for IBC cells: