Metallization Pastes for n-Type Cells

The share of n-type silicon solar cells is expected to further increase in the coming years as wafer costs go down and the inherent higher quality silicon allows to achieve higher overall conversion efficiencies.

SOL9360A Series

As N-type cell has drawn much attention as another avenue to high efficiency c-Si solar cell, designs have demonstrated high efficiencies for cell manufactures and Heraeus has supported this effort for over three years with the development and mass production of our SOL9350 series pastes.

Your Benefit - Our Strength

  • Customer confirmed > + 0.1 % efficiency gain
  • Higher cell efficiencies with 20 % less paste usage per cell
  • Improved printability / line uniformity with finer line resolution
  • Co-fireable with Heraeus n+-surface paste
  • A+B mode double printing packages (SOL9360A / SOL9622B) available
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