Metallization Pastes for Single Print Applications

You need a partner that helps you with the metallization of solar cells with a single print process. Heraeus silver pastes provide fine-line printability without defects in mass production.

SOL9651D Series

Front-side silver paste designed for Diamond-Wire-Cut mc cell can raise the conversion efficiency by > 0.1%.

The Heraeus SOL9651D series front-side silver paste was specially designed for the emerging Diamond-Wire-Cut (DWC) multicrystaline solar cells with specially textured surface.

In order to optimize your busbar design for better electrical performance and cost reduction, a new glass chemistry was developed. It provides excellent adhesion, especially on DWC/Black-silicon texturing.

Your Benefit - Our strength

  • Superior value with better electrical performance and high busbar adhesion.
  • Compatible for both multi and mono crystalline wafers.
  • Reducing the negative impact of irradiation on the charge carrier lifetime by an outstanding Light Induced Degradation.
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