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Cell Optimization Service – for high efficiency solar cell design

Heraeus offers a unique solar cell line process consultation service in cooperation with a world class research institute to identify and implement the optimal processes for the customer’s production conditions to reach up to 0.2% Eta gain.

The real efficiency from a solar module depends on the mass of energy that is converted into solar power. Within photovoltaic industry very high efficiencies can be reached, but at least most of the time in laboratories with standard test conditions. Thus, Individual analysis and simulation is needed to really optimize the own solar cell manufacturing process.

With the offered service of analysis and optimization framework, the customer can gain in depth understanding of the areas for greatest potential efficiency gain in a quantified fashion. This service features an initial technical review of the customer’s equipment as well as his current wafer design. Based on this review, Heraeus and the institute will perform the optimization of the customer’s emitter to improve the interaction between emitter and our metallization paste. And Heraeus helps its customers to gain efficiencies within mass production as well.

Your Benefits – Our Strengths

  • Reduce experiment loading by reducing the trial and error iteration process. Benefit from a systematic process thus makes the experimental procedure more efficient and avoid excess down time in mass production due to experimentation.
  • Save cost on analysis equipment and software packages at each of the production sites.
  • Get maximum compatibility to the production substrates.
  • Get everything from one hand: analysis, simulation and consultation service as well as material customization.
  • Benchmark your performance on the basis of one of the largest industrial and research database.
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