AnkaloN® superior Catalyst Coated Membranes for PEM Fuel Cells

Heraeus Fuel Cells controls all key components and processes required to develop and produce superior Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCMs).

Technical Details Ankalon CCMs

Low temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells offer highly efficient, low green-house gas emission power solutions for automotives, transport and commercial vehicles, and stationary applications.

For a wide market penetration, a number of challenges have to be addressed simultaneously, including CCM power density & efficiency, durability, and cost.

In addition, customers require a well established supply chain allowing a reliable and cost efficient production of fuel cell stacks and systems.

Heraeus Fuel Cells is your competent and committed partner: „Your conditions – Our Solutions“

Customer Benefits


Customers realize technology, cost, and speed benefits though

  • high activity and durability CCMs to optimize the entire fuel cell system
  • customized solutions for a fast integration
  • reliable supply and high quality standards by early stage implementation of QM measures
  • lean business with all precious metal services from one hand

Heraeus Fuel Cells is your innovative and reliable supplier of AnkaloN® CCMs through

  • control of all performance-critical processes
  • our optimized catalyst support and unique platinum compounds
  • strong innovation power unifying Heraeus group competencies
  • integrated offering of complete life cycle solutions including financing, risk management and recycling


(CCM) AnkaloN® Applications

AnkaloN® CCMs can be used in

  • Power trains of fuel cell vehicles (FCV), including automotives, material handling vehicles (MHV), busses, rail vehicles, and heavy duty vehicles
  • Telecommunication towers (prime power for stationary applications)
  • Back-up power units (replacement of diesel electric generator)
  • Households or industry plants (combined heat & power units, CHP)
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