Heraeus Fuel Cells

Customized CCMs: Your conditions – our solution.

Fuel cells are entering their way into our daily life – being available in numerous applications such as drivetrain systems in material handling vehicles, stationary applications and combined heat-power plants. Already in the automotive sector the number of fuel cell driven cars increased in the last months – and right now they are ready for mass production.

AnkaloN® Catalyst Coated Membrane (CCM)

Heraeus AnkaloN® - Catalyst Coated Membrane
Heraeus AnkaloN® - Catalyst Coated Membrane

The CCM is the heart of the fuel cell allowing for the controlled reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to form electricity and water. The AnkaloN® CCM is designed for highest requirements ensuring stability and performance for a huge variety of applications.

Heraeus Fuel Cells develops and manufactures AnkaloN® CCMs fulfilling the specifications and requirements of our customers. Tailor-made CCM solutions are optimized for individual conditions; our customers benefit from fast implementation avoiding additional adjustments of their systems.

Scalable processes as well as automotive process standards ensure accelerated system integration. Operational excellence is the basis for highest quality standard in all functions.

A unique combination of competencies.

Heraeus Fuel Cells is based on a unique combination of competencies in electrochemistry, catalysis, ink & paste manufacturing, and coating technologies. Our product development strongly benefits from the complete backward integration to precious metal compounds and catalyst supports.

Our portfolio is complemented by services for the complete life cycle including financing, hedging and recycling.

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