Diffusion Consultancy

Cell Optimization Service

Heraeus offers customers a unique diffusion consultancy in cooperation with a world famous institute. This service features an initial technical review of the customer’s equipment as well as his current wafer design.

Based on this review, Heraeus and the institute will perform the optimization of the customer’s emitter to improve the interaction between emitter and our metallization paste. All tests are performed on the customers’ production substrates to ensure compatibility.

Diffusion Consultancy

Comparing the new emitters on the customer production line versus the existing process will identify the best approach and can lead to further process optimization.

Finally both Heraeus and the institute optimize the emitter recipe on the customer’s site to enable highest gains in the efficiency.

State-of-the-art processes are used to optimize the diffusion process. Targets are reduction in saturation current and specific surface concentrations and junction depths, continuously ensuring process reproducibility and stability.

When possible, both wafer and badge uniformity will be improved upon. Finally the optimized process is integrated into the manufacturing line.

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