HecaroTM - Electrically Conductive Adhesive for PV module manufacturing

The new ECA (Electrically Conductive Adhesive) HecaroTM serves two goals: it enables you to employ state-of-the-art techniques like shingling for highest performance, with a better module reliability, and this at lower production costs.

In the highly competitive PV module manufacturing market it is not easy to respond to the market’s ongoing demand for a better value-for-money ratio. Within the whole Photovoltaics module production process the optimization of the solar cell interconnection is one possibility to increase cost-efficiency with the help of innovative high tech materials. By using an ECA for the interconnection of solar cells the soldering process in conventional PV modules can be replaced.

Heraeus HecaroTM utilizes 25 years of ECA experience in the automotive and semiconductor industry for the requirements of PV: reliability, cost-efficiency, fast curing and screen-printable material at the same time.

It offers a unique set of pure Ag particles that provides highest conductivity. The material is designed for the application in shingled PV modules as well as for interconnecting HJT and IBC cells. The reliability of HecaroTM has been proven in long-term climate chamber testing.

Leverage your opportunity to offer more performance and better reliability to your customers at lower production costs. Contact us to learn more.

Your Benefits – Our Strengths

Heraeus HecaroTM enables you to produce more powerful solar modules with higher reliability on lower production costs.

  • Proven reliability in long-term climate chamber testing.
  • Highest conductivity and thus performance due to unique set of pure silver particles.
  • +5% module power in shingled PV modules.
  • Cost savings due to silver content reduction.


5% more module power for shingled cell modules - HecaroTM enables novel interconnection technologies.

Higher power on shingled modules with Hecaro ECA.
  • Printing HecaroTM on edge of laser cut cell strips (1/5 or 1/6 of standard cells).
  • Shingle these cells overlapping to form string.
  • Flexibility of adhesive interconnection helps to reduce thermal stress in Temperature Cycling tests.
  • +5% power compared to standard PV modules.
  • No ribbon required.
  • Stringer equipment available.

HecaroTM is replacing printed busbars and soldering for HJT and standard cells.

Busbar replacement with Hecaro ECA.
  • Printing HecaroTM directly onto fingers and attach ribbons.
  • No solder required.
  • Higher reliability.
  • Lower cost interconnection ribbons can be applied (e.g. pure copper).
  • Lead-free interconnection.
  • Enabling thinner wafers.
  • Save metallization paste for busbars.
  • Same efficiency.
  • Stringer equipment available.

HecaroTM as interconnection on solar cells backsheets.

Hecaro for back contact solar cells.
  • No ribbon required.
  • No shading.
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