HeraGlaze® SiO2 diffusion barrier coating

The innovative HeraGlaze® coating is a leap in quality and yield for integrated PV-manufacturers. HeraGlaze® improves cell efficiency by presumably 0,1% points in average.

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  • Enhances crucible performance in multi-crystalline silicon solar wafer production.
  • Up to 4% higher yield per ingot.
  • Enhanced cell efficiency by improved carrier lifetime.
  • In-situ applicability, no CAPEX required.
  • Fits to commercially available crucibles.

HeraGlaze® is a high purity, high density SiO2-barrier coating, which prevents thermally induced impurity transfers from the crucible surface into the Si-melt/ingot without increase of oxygen permeation during the crystallization process. The enhanced quality of the Si-melt/ingot results in improved carrier lifetime leading to significant higher cell efficiencies.

HeraGlaze® effectively prevents the diffusion of impurities

In standard wafer production processes, it comes to thermal interactions between the porous silica surface of the crucible and the molten Silicon. Impurities like Fe contaminate the Si-melt/ingot, negatively affecting ingot yield and cell efficiency.

HeraGlaze® effectively prevents the diffusion of impurities by forming a highly densified layer thus creating a diffusion barrier on the crucibles surface. Applied as a dispersion of micro- / nanoscale SiO2 particles it sinters in-situ to create a glass-like layer.

No increase in oxygen

The HeraGlaze® diffusion barrier coating maintains the oxygen content of the Si-melt/ingot during crystallization at the same level as the standard process.

HeraGlaze® enables up to 4% more wafer volume yield

The overall impurity level in the ingot bulk material is reduced by the HeraGlaze® barrier coating, resulting in an improved carrier lifetime which contributes to significantly higher cell efficiencies.

By HeraGlaze® the purity of the silicon is ensured already at the Si-ingot production, which is the first step of the entire solar cell and module production process. This provides a real value-add to particularly integrated PV-manufacturers, which can enhance yield and cell efficiencies simultaneously.

The product itself comes as a dispersion of fine-ground micro-/nanoscale SiO2 particles. Due to it’s in-situ densification capabilities the crucibles can be coated directly in the ingot melting processes at the customer’s premises. This provides customers with a cost advantage over other solutions.

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