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Heraeus provides advanced solutions, new products and professional answers all around ion-transport enhancing additives for rechargeable batteries.

Visit us at CIBF

In the battery market, it’s all about higher performance and increased durability. With Porocarb®, Heraeus Battery Technology offers advanced materials, which optimize the performance of Lithium-Ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and supercapacitors.

We gladly invite you to visit our booth at the CIBF 2018, May 22-24, in Shenzhen, China, to learn more about our Porocarb® products and talk to our experts on solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

With exceptionally high porosity, dominated by interconnected macropores, Porocarb® facilitates the mass transport of lithium ions. It locally enhances the effective diffusivity in the volume of the calendared electrode thus enabling higher energy densities with improved cycle life and durability.

For Lithium-ion battery applications, Porocarb® provides

  • Processing benefits (non-agglomerated particles: easy and fast slurry preparation, faster drying, higher solid content in slurry, reduced solvent amounts)
  • Performance benefits (Improved power capability for charge and discharge at cathode loadings > 200g/m², improved low temperature performance)
  • Cost benefits (Faster electrolyte uptake: energy and time saving, increased active material fraction on cell level)
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