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Heraeus provides advanced solutions, new products and professional answers all around ion-transport enhancing additives for rechargeable batteries.

Heraeus Porocarb® Lead ― a synthetic carbon additive to improve lead–acid battery life and performance

Missed our presentation at Asian Battery Conference (17ABC)?

Heraeus Porocarb® Lead represents a new generation of electrode additives for lead–acid batteries. With its well-defined internal porosity, Porocarb® Lead is the first carbon additive that not only ensures electronic connectivity and nucleation within the electrode, but also enhances the ionic conductivity and confinement of discharge products. By virtual of its unique properties, the new material is ideal for improving the performance of lead–acid batteries, particularly for advanced automotive hybrid applications that require an optimized power supply with deep-discharge, microcycling and fast recharge capabilities. The presentation will show that Porocarb® Lead can improve charge-acceptance by up to 123% and thereby enables rapid recharging of advanced lead–acid batteries via brake energy recuperation. Microcycle lifetime can be enhanced by >100%, which is an important factor in start–stop applications. Finally, deep-discharge capacity and cycle-life can also benefit from the application of Porocarb®.

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