Renewable Energies 2050

A vision of sustainable energy in China:
Renewable Energies will become the most efficient and most economical way to produce energy.

A vision of sustainable energy in China

The primary energy demand will increase globally up to 60% by 2050.

  • In China it will increase up to 80%.

The global electricity demand will increase 200% by 2050.

  • 100% of Chinese electricity production will come from Renewable Energies.

New technologies will transform the use of photovoltaics:
architecture and design modules to energize the houses of Shanghai City

In the cities solar panels will be invisible:

  • High efficiency thin film will be integrated in roof elements.
  • Windows coated with transparent organic or inorganic thin film material.
  • Facades consisting out of thin film modules in all different colors. Classical panels will be invisibly integrated in construction materials.

Crystalline silicon will still be part in majority of panels:

  • Near term efficiency increase from PERC to PERC generations.
  • Mid term efficiency increase will come from back-contacted heterojunction or tandem modules.

Storage technologies will be key for Renewable Energies

BATTERIES will be the short term storage solution:

  • Battery costs will decrease by 20% every year to 150 USD by 2020.
  • Battery farms and batteries in every building will form an integrational part together with energy generation.
  • Vehicles will form a massive electricity storage cloud.

Long term energy reserves will be based on HYDROGEN based technology:

  • No way to get around hydrogen / methane. Hydrogen will become the backbone of national energy reserves.
  • Fuel cell factories will become the power plants of the future.
  • Existing gas infrastructure could be used.
  • Fuel cells will be used in all transport vehicles, such as light and medium trucks, heavy trucks, busses, ships and even trains.
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