Renewable Energies will become integrated and smart

Renewable Energies will create new business ideas: 50% cost savings are possible.

Production costs of renewable energy will decrease

Smart Energy will lead to a paradigm change in the energy industry.

In the future only power generating facades will be available and renewable energy installations will become mandatory for every new building.

  • New applications and technologies have to be integrated in the whole renewable energy value chain.
  • Education in universities and in construction jobs needs to be mandatory.
  • Big Data, new technologies and app design will develop new businesses to increase renewable efficiency.
  • Internet of things will have a revolutionary impact on renewable efficiency.

Energy will become SMART

Source: Fotolia

50% of all energy costs are caused by large scale grids.

Microgrids based on standardized systems and integrated design will develop stronger in city areas and will decrease overall energy transport costs. Big data e-solutions for every application will make energy smart.

Smart Energy Generation:

  • Big data solutions will make energy consumption precisely predictable in households and factories.

Smart Supply:

  • Internet of things will completely change energy market. From demand defines supply to supply defines demand.

Smart Consumption:

  • Trading and smart usage of electricity will be on an adhoc basis automated for everyone, private and industry.

Smart Distribution:

  • To trade energy we will need an optimized and efficient energy storage infrastructure with flexible storage capacity on a short and long term basis. City disctricts will form urban microgrids.
  • Electrical vehicles will form a massive storage cloud with immediately available energy.
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