World Smart Energy Week

Meet our experts at World Smart Energy Week in Tokyo, Japan

PV EXPO, BATTERY JAPAN and FC EXPO under one roof.

01 - 03 March 2017, Tokyo (Japan)

East Hall 4, Booth E42-22

Heraeus Renewable Energies solutions under one roof

Visit our booth and get information about the Heraeus solutions for Renewable Energies:

  • There are hourly presentations about Renewables Energies,
  • hourly presentations about Heraeus Photovoltaics solutions,
  • twice daily presentations about Heraeus Battery solutions.

Meet our experts at the booth and get in personal exchange for detailed information.

Highlights at the Show: Heraeus Technology Seminars

“Heraeus: A technology leader embraces Renewable Energies”

Dr. Weiming Zhang, Global Head of Commercial and Technology

Presented by Dr. Weiming Zhang, CTO, Heraeus Photovoltaics

Wednesday March 1, 2017 11:00 – 12:00
Venue B in East Hall

Heraeus combines profound technology and material expertise, enabling more efficient and more reliable solutions in energy production, storage and conversion which reduce the cost of renewable energies significantly. At Smart Energy Week, we will present the technology landscape of Heraeus in the renewable energy area as well as Heraeus Photovoltaics diverse lines of paste products designed for mainstream and next-generation PV technologies as well as niche PV applications.

"Heraeus: Power Up Your Battery"

Dr. Dominik Samuelis will introduce you into the Heraeus Battery solutions

Presented by Dr. Dominik Samuelis, Head of Innovation Heraeus Battery

Thursday March 2, 2017 11:00 – 12:00
Venue B in East Hall 5

Heraeus is the global leader in functional carbon additives. Porocarb®, unlike standard off-the-shelf carbon conductive additives, is a game-changer that can significantly improve electrochemical systems and deliver a lot of benefits to you. We are the sole producers of functional carbon additives capable of increasing the energy density of batteries by 20 % without any reduction in output power.

Power up your battery – and get to know more at our technology seminar or at our booth.
We look forward to seeing you!

The architects of sustainable growth

Heraeus World of Renewable Energies

Heraeus Photovoltaics

Welcome to the market leading efficiency booster for PV

Learn how our newest generations of metallization pastes boost efficiencies of PERC-cells and support advanced HJT solar cell concepts.

For the first time we will introduce
> new pastes specifically for knotless screens,
> Heraglaze©, an innovative diffusion barrier coating for enhanced crucible performance in wafer production.

Heraeus Battery Solutions

Porocarb® Battery Solutions for more power and energy in advanced batteries

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