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February 13-17, 2017 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Advancing High Energy Lasers

Heraeus offers fused silica grades optimized for specific wavelength regions. These grades offer the highest transmission characteristics and excellent performance. This performance includes for example damage resistance to high energy and deep UV radiation as well as highest homogeneity in all three dimensions.

Please find below some information we put together for the show. We are looking forward to meeting you there.

From raw materials and semi-finished optical components to products for optical fiber production, we have a broad product portfolio for the photonic industry. From the micrometer scale to blanks 1.4m in diameter, Heraeus products offer you cost effective solutions and best performance.

Our products include:

Heraeus Fused silica has played an important role in research and most demanding experiments. Please find a short selection of some examples, and what problem our product helped to solve:

Reflector on the moon: fused silica resistant to cosmic radiation
1969: The first humans on the Moon (Apollo 11) placed a retro-reflector there. Later Missions, Apollo 14 and 15, did also bring a reflector. Triple prisms of our fused silica are the key component in the retro-reflectors on the moon.
These reflectors are still in use today. In order to measure the distance between earth and moon. A Laser signal is shot towards the moon and reflected there. The signal is detected here on earth and from the time the signal needs, the distance is calculated.
Our specially developed fused silica is able to withstand the hostile environment in space, particularly the strong UV radiation.
More information on our optical materials

First tubes for MCVD fiber development: geometrically sufficient tubes with high surface quality
1974 John B. MacChesney II develops the modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) method to produce high purity fused silica for optical fibers. The process deposits thin layers of fused silica on the inner surface of a substrate tube.
The challenge was that the inner surface needed to be as good as possible and the impurity level as low as possible. The Heraeus tool free tube production process and the excellent raw materials yielded the desired tubes. Years later Heraeus introduced synthetic fused silica tubes that are today the standard in optical fiber production.
More information on tubes for fiber production

Detection of Gravitational waves: homogeneous fused silica
On Sep. 14th 2015 the LIGO and Virgo collaborations made their first observation of gravitational waves. Two black holes merging caused this distortion of space-time. General relativity theory predicted the distortion of space-time by large cosmic events. This observation was therefore a proof of the accuracy of the theory.
Fused silica is used for the mirrors in the interferometer. To assure the best possible sensitivity, the fused needs to be as homogeneous as possible in all three dimensions. To dampen the background noise, these mirrors are suspended using special fused silica fibers. Heraeus Suprasil 3001 was the material of choice.
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Active fiber Laser fiber: 6kW systems commercially available; XLMA design large volume doped fused silica
2016: Laserline introduced a 6 kw fiber laser system that uses a single active fiber. While many fiber laser concepts combine the output of multiple lasers via fiber combiners, this system uses Heraeus‘ single active fiber, therefore making the system much simpler and efficient. Heraeus developed this active fiber in cooperation with Laserline. For this fiber Heraeus developed a specially rare earth doped fused silica as a core material.
More information on our active laser fibers

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