Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ® 100)

High purity black opaque quartz for enhanced thermal management

Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ®)

HBQ®100 is a black opaque high purity quartz glass composite. Its key value addition to the well known white opaque (OM®100) and clear fused (HSQ®300) quartz solutions in the market are especially the high absorption of ultra-violet (UV) radiation up to medium-wave infrared (MWIR) radiation. Optical emissivity of HBQ®100 is designed to mimick that of silicon: together with increasing temperature, emissivity rises up to almost the value of an optimal black body radiator. On the contrary thermal conductivity – among most other physical properties – is matching that of typical high purity fused silica materials, e.g. HSQ®300 .

The components of HBQ®100 were selected in such way, that contamination and influence even from the most sensitive process environments in the semiconductor industry are avoided and HBQ®100 is also suitable for high-end semiconductor processes.

Therefore HBQ®100 constists only of silicon dioxide (fused quartz) and high purity, elementary silicon. The addition of substances such as carbon, iron, titanium or copper is avoided.

Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ®)


  • Semiconductor applications for single and multi-wafer process chambers (Single Wafer & Batch Furnace)
  • Thermal homogenization of process environment
  • Blocking of radiation from certain process environments
  • Heating element covers, shielding plates, pedestal plates, dummy wafers, wafer carriers, wafer holders, etc.
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