Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ® 100)

High purity black opaque quartz for enhanced thermal management

Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ®)

HBQ®100 is a black opaque high purity quartz glass composite. Its key value addition to the well known white opaque (OM®100) and clear fused (HSQ®300) quartz solutions in the market are the absorption of ultra-violet (UV) up to beginning medium-wave infrared (MWIR) radiation. Optical emissivity is designed to mimick that of silicon when heated. On the contrary thermal conductivity – among most other physical properties – is matching that of industry standard fused quartz materials.

The composition of this semiconductor process suitable material was engineered to keep contamination of the process atmosphere as small as possible without introducing foreign / unwanted dopants. Therefore the materials main ingredients are silicon dioxide (fused quartz) and silicon.

Heraeus Black Quartz (HBQ®)


  • Single-wafer and batch furnace
  • Thermal homogenization of process environment
  • Blocking of radiation from certain process environments
  • Baffle plates, pedestal plates, door plates, dummy wafers, heater covers
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