HOD® fused silica diffusor

Heraeus’s new fused silica diffusor, HOD®, offers excellent diffuse reflection or transmission with all the usual properties of a transparent fused silica. Properties such as broad band transmission/reflection from the UV to the IR, as well as being highly chemically inert, meaning HOD® can be used in the harshest environments. HOD® also offers a solution to problems that can be experienced with even the most state of the art diffusor materials. Many diffusor materials can be difficult to clean, whereas HOD® can be cleaned using standard ultrasonic cleaning. Thanks to a special process step developed by Heraeus, HOD® can also be highly resistant to UV radiation, something many other diffusor materials cannot offer.


  • Diffuse reflection/transmission
  • Applications from UV to IR (with the exception of OH-absorption bands)
  • Machinable
  • No open porosity (easy to clean)
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