Fused silica tubes for fiber production

Fused silica tubes have many uses in the production of optical fibers. Usually they are a component of an optical fiber preform. Typical applications include:

  • Substrate tubes for CVD processes
  • Jacket tubes to serve as cladding material
  • RIC cylinders as largest batch size cladding material

Silica tubes come in many different sizes and the key characteristics are the geometric tolerances, the chemical purity and the OH content.

High purity fused silica tubes for optical fiber production

High purity fused silica tubes

Heraeus offers these tubes in two material grades, which differ in the specified OH content. The established industry standard of F 300® and the grade F 500® that is “waterfree”. For more details, please check the datasheet or contact our experts.

High Purity Fused Silica Tubes for Specialty Fiber Production

Tubes for Specialty Fiber Production

For your demanding applications Heraeus offers furthermore a product portfolio of fused silica with special material properties which allow for example a viscosity or refractive index match. These silica tubes are used as substrate material for the core deposition, cladding material or redrawn into capillaries for Photonic Crystal Fibers. For more details, please check the datasheet or contact our experts.

Highly fluorine doped tubes

These tubes have a lower refractive index than high purity silica tubes (above) and a lower viscosity. Typical applications include viscosity adjustments, to manipulate the stress in the fiber. Alternatively, because of the different refractive index tubes can serve as cladding for specialty fiber preforms, pump cladding for fiber lasers or as components to produce photonic crystal fiber preforms.
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Tubes are available with a uniform doping level, or may have a multiple layer construction of doped and undoped fused silica.

In addition to the different optical and mechanical properties, you can get these tubes in non-circular form or shape, e.g. with rectangular or hexagonal cross sections.

The possibilities are plentifold. For additional information, please have a look at our datasheet or contact our experts.

Capillary tubes

These tubes have an outer diameter of 1 to 5 mm and a narrow geometrical tolerance. Typical applications include the manufacturing of photonic crystal fiber preforms and fiber combiners. You may order these tubes made from high purity fused silica or in fluorine-doped fused silica. For additional details, please check our datasheet or contact our experts.

RIC cylinders the source for large volume cladding material

These cylinders have a nominal outer diameter (OD) of up to 200 mm and are machined to precise tolerances. They are used in the RIC® process for the large scale production of single mode optical fibers. The specific inner and outer diameter needs to fit to your core rods. Heraeus experts address on technical questions regarding this process and help to implement it in your fiber draw operation. The supply of RIC® cylinders is typically a strategic decision for a long term partnership.
Please contact us, if you consider RIC®.
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