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Amorphous alloys meet sensor components



In many areas of today's high-tech applications, conventional materials reach their limitations in terms of performance. Especially in measurement systems, one of the biggest challenges is to find the optimal combination of accuracy, sensitivity and fatigue strength.

Discover how a new class of materials overcomes the limits of measurement technology!

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Production of amorphous components using additive manufacturing on their way to commercialization



The groundbreaking development partnership between Heraeus AMLOY and TRUMPF takes the additive manufacturing of amorphous components to a new level. The improved surface quality and optimized printing processes create a market with a wide range of applications.

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Case Studies

Case Study Oskar Pascal

Watchmaking at the frontiers of perfection


Case Study

With the extraordinary material class of amorphous alloys, high-end watches can completely redesign their uniqueness. The most sensitive technologies in miniaturized space are efficiently protected and the design of housings and features can be perfected.

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Medical Implants


Case Studies

In our new case study, we show that industrial manufacturing using near-net-shape process solutions, such as 3D printing, in combination with innovative amorphous alloys, offers unique advantages for your medical applications compared to conventional processes:

  • High corrosion resistance and MRI compatibility
  • High strength and elasticity close to human bone
  • Excellent classification of the biocompatibility

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5 insights on how amorphous alloys push the limits of conventional materials


Webinar Recording

In our webinar we have explained the 5 insights on how amorphous alloys push the limits of conventional materials:

  • Performance
  • Process
  • Design
  • Component Reliability
  • Costs

In addition to that we have given you you an insight to various areas of application.

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Amorphous Metals - Heraeus AMLOY


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