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Heraeus AMLOY Technologies

Heraeus AMLOY

Heraeus AMLOY Technologies is a part of the Heraeus Group, located in Karlstein, Germany. In our business we are combining the unique properties of Amorphous Metals with our technological know-how to enable completely new high-tech applications. Heraeus AMLOY's near-net-shape process solutions, i.e. injection molding and 3D printing are ideally suited for industrial applications.

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AMS is now part of the Heraeus Group and strengthens the market for amorphous metals in cooperation with Heraeus AMLOY

To be able to offer even more possibilities to use amorphous metals in your products, Heraeus AMLOY combined their expertise and technology with Amorphous Metal Solutions (AMS) , who are also specialized in the manufacturing of amorphous components as well as the development of amorphous alloys. The near-net-shape process solution offered by AMS is ideally suited for industrial production of small and filigree components.

MedtecLive with T4M

MedtecLive with T4M 2022

After two years of digital-only trade shows, MedtecLive & T4M are back in attendance. Both exhibitors have joined together for the first time to form one event, representing an international trade fair for medical technology and networking all market participants in the industry, from classic suppliers to manufacturers. In addition to an comprehensive program, the trade fair will be rounded off by a customized digital service for exhibitors and visitors.

Visit us at MedtecLIVE with T4M 2022 in Stuttgart and discover the current and future medical developments and innovations.

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Guide to German Medtech Companies 2022

Guide to German Medtech Companies 2022


January 01, 2022

In the seventh edition of the "Guide to German Medtech Companies", BIOCOM AG presents the broad competence of the German medical technology sector. The guide offers a diverse repertoire of companies - from medical technology developers, manufacturers and service providers to medical technology event organisers and organisations. In addition, the latest trends in the industry, for example digital health and automation, are addressed.

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Amorphous Alloys meet Sensor Components

Amorphous Alloys meet Sensor Components


Septmeber 14, 2021

In many areas of today's high-tech applications, conventional materials are reaching their performance limits. Especially in measuring systems, one of the biggest challenges is to find the optimal combination of accuracy, sensitivity and fatigue strength.

Discover how a new class of materials overcomes the limits of measurement technology

German Innovation Award

Heraeus AMLOY receives German Innovation Award

Hanau, Germany

May 26, 2020

The German Design Council honors Heraeus AMLOY with the German Innovation Award. The specialist for the production and processing of amorphous metals receives Gold in the category Materials & Surfaces in the competition class Excellence in Business to Business. The jury judges the amorphous alloys from Heraeus AMLOY as a revolutionary material. Its unique combination of properties opens up exciting possibilities for a wide range of industries such as aviation, automotive, medicine and many others, creating a completely new market.

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