Hidden Neodymium Treasure: Permanent Magnets Are Installed in these Applications

Did you know that neodymium-iron-boron magnets are included in many everyday objects and industrial applications? Neodymium is a rare earth metal and an essential foundation for the success of the energy revolution, electric mobility, and digital transformation. Nevertheless, a large part of this precious resource is lost in the scrap cycle.

We at Heraeus Remloy want to change that. With the help of an innovative process, we recycle obsolete permanent magnets to recover valuable rare earths, reduce environmental pollution, and make Europe independent from foreign imports in the long term.

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These Products and Applications Contain Permanent Magnets

In the following table, you will find a detailed list of products and applications that contain neodymium-iron-boron magnets.

Product/Application Brief Description Contained Amount Occurence
Wind Turbines Magnets are installed in the nacelle bearings < 3 t Frequent
Medical Technology MRI machines contain strong neodymium magnets < 1 t Rare
Hydroelectric Power Stations Generators contain permanent magnets < 500 kg Rare
Electric Cars Neodymium magnets are primarily used in electric motors < 3 kg Frequent
Speakers Small magnets can be installed in hard disks < 1 kg Frequent
Magnet Rails Permanent magnets are used in transport systems < 0,5 kg per meter Frequent
Hard Disks Kleine Magnet können in Festplatten verbaut sein < 10 g Frequent
Industrial Robots Actuators contain neodymium magnets for precise movements A few grams Frequent
Electronics Electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets can contain permanent magnets A few grams Very frequent
Magnet Bearings Magnets are used in optical systems A few grams Rare

This is what obsolete permanent magnets look like

Permanent magnets appear in various forms and sizes depending on the field of application. After removal from the obsolete products and applications, they are still magnetic, which facilitates identification. They can look like this:

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