On the moon for fifty years

50th anniversary of the moon landing: How Heraeus went to the moon with Apollo 11

Earth and the moon are separated by 384,000 km. Thanks to a laser reflector placed on the moon by Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 team in July 1969, we can measure the exact distance between Earth and the moon. High-tech quartz glass from Heraeus made this reflector possible .

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with Heraeus: Get to know the crew of the Apollo 11 mission with us, join us on board the moon rocket, and find out about the amazing space-related innovations that have improved our lives. Each week we’ll share new and exciting stories about the moon landing’s 50th anniversary, the Apollo 11 mission, and how Heraeus is continuing to help explore the unknown.

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The most unlikely Trio: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin und Michael Collins
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The most unlikely trio

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were the Apollo 11 astronauts—an unlikely trio, each with their own unique personalities and his own special skills. Aldrin, for example, ensured that the daring adventure to the moon became a spectacular research trip as well. Here, you can learn about each of them—who they really were, their strengths and weaknesses.

Part 1: Neil Armstrong: Commander Cool

Part 2: Buzz Aldrin: The Academic Astronaut

Part 3: Michael Collins: The Forgotten Astronaut

8 Innovations from space that make our lifes better

8 inventions of space exploration that make our lives better

Without them we would get lost all the time, Instagram wouldn’t be a thing and closet construction would be a lot more difficult.

We can’t imagine a live without these inventions

Jack Stuster: isolation researcher
Source: NASA

Cabin Fever in Space

Isolation researcher Jack Stuster studies the working relationship of people under extreme conditions. In research stations under water or below polar ice, on remote oil platforms—but especially in space. What can we learn from him?

Read more about isolation

Saturn V project
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Saturn V, the rocket of superlatives

Over 5 million parts in a rocket of 3000 tons that rises to the skies with 150 million hp and a thrust of 3.5 million kilograms, while hundreds of Millions all around the globe are watching.

Get to know the moon rocket of superlatives, the Saturn V

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