On the moon for fifty years

How Heraeus went to the moon with Apollo 11

When Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins set off on their first moon landing in 1969, they had a laser reflector on board. The device still stands on the moon today and makes it possible to measure the exact distance between Earth and Moon: 384,000 kilometers. High-tech quartz glass from Heraeus made this reflector possible .

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with Heraeus: Each week we’ll share new and exciting stories about the moon landing’s 50th anniversary, the Apollo 11 mission, and how Heraeus is continuing to help explore the unknown.

The Apollo 11 Comic

Each Monday a new Episode

Cartoons about the Apollo 11 mission on the moon

The most unlikely Trio: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin und Michael Collins
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The Astronauts

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were the Apollo 11 astronauts—an unlikely trio, each with their own unique personalities and his own special skills. Here, you can learn about each of them—who they really were, their strengths and weaknesses.
Plus: an interview with German astronaut Reinhold Ewald, in which he speaks of the importance of Visions and Dream in space exploration -

Neil Armstrong: Commander Cool

Buzz Aldrin: The Academic Astronaut

Michael Collins: The Forgotten Astronaut

Reinhold Ewald: The German Astronaut

Science on the moon
Source: Don Harley/NASA

High Tech in Space

To succeed under the special circumstances in space, humanity had to get creative – and performed marvelous feats of engineering while doing so. Ranging from the retroreflector on the moon to the invention of astrobotany and the establishment of networked satellites that revolutionized weather forecasts and navigation systems: here you find astonishing stories about technologies in space.

Heraeus in Space: On the trail of the secrets of the Universe

James Faller: The mastermind behind the moon reflector

8 inventions of space that make our lives better

Journey to the moon

Open Space. For Open Minds.

The conquest of space brings out the best in people – especially in precarious situations. Here we show which pioneers the Space Race brought forth, how a 26-year-old kept his cool during the first manned Moon landing, and how isolation psychologist Jack Stuster helps making teamwork in space possible.

The Space Race: An infographic

Jack Stuster: What to do against cabin fever in space?

Steve Bales: The man who prevented the mission-abort

Space Suits: a short history
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For Space Enthusiasts

What did the first space suits look like? How much power did the Saturn V rocket have that flew Armstrong and Co. to the moon? Why does NASA make poster ads for vacation on Kepler-16b? Find out more here – and have fun!

Space Suits: a curious photo series

Saturn V: The rocket of superlatives

Vacations in outer space: The NASA travel posters

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