On the moon for fifty years

On the moon for 50 years: Heraeus and the Apollo 11 mission

The most unlikely Trio: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin und Michael Collins
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The most unlikely trio

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were the Apollo 11 astronauts—an unlikely trio, each with their own unique personalities and his own special skills. Aldrin, for example, ensured that the daring adventure to the moon became a spectacular research trip as well. Here, you can learn about each of them—who they really were, their strengths and weaknesses.

Part 1: Neil Armstrong: Commander Cool

The Big Bang Theory: the secrets of the moon landing
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On the trail of the secrets of the moon landing with The Big Bang Theory

In the US sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” physics nerd Sheldon and his friends aim a laser at the moon. A short time later, the beam of light returns to Earth as if by a miracle. This experiment actually works—thanks to a laser reflector that was placed on the moon 50 years ago and is equipped with 100 lenses made of a true miracle material made by Heraeus.

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Steve Bales and the moon landing's moment of truth
Source: NASA

Steve Bales: The moon landing’s moment of truth

As the Apollo 11 moon lander makes its way down to the surface of the moon, the on-board computer sounds an unfamiliar alarm. Should they keep going or abort the landing? The astronauts are at a loss. The decision is in the hands of a 26-year-old Guidance Officer at Mission Control in Houston. All eyes are on Steve Bales. A true outer space thriller.

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Ready for the future: Vacations in outer space
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Vacations in outer space

Will we all take vacations to distant planets some day? Will we go for walks on Mars? Will we see the swirling Northern Lights of Jupiter for ourselves? If and when it actually happens, airy and strikingly beautiful retro travel posters for space vacations have already been designed. They can be downloaded for free from here: Have a good flight!

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