Slag Management

The key to higher quality steels and lowering costs with measuring technologies in modern steel making

Why is slag management so important in steel manufacturing?

It is well-known that slag has many important functions.

Besides being a barrier for atmospheric gases and reducing thermal losses slag functions as sink for oxides, inclusions and impurities and protects the liquid steel from atmospheric air reoxidation.

Especially for high-quality steel manufacturers, they need to control the slag process to be able to increase steel cleanliness, prevent nozzle clogging during continuous casting, reach exact steel grades, increase desulfurization efficiency, optimize production efficiency and safety, and finally control costs.

celox slac

Celox SLAC® allows for an instant decision to add slag modifiers by measuring the oxygen activity in the slag.

Celox SLAC® enables fast and accurate slag conditioner calculation to prevent steel reoxidation which leads to many negative effects in secondary metallurgy.

The oxidation state of a typical ladle refining slag is mainly determined by the FeO activity or in some cases by the FeO+MnO activity in the slag. Thus, by measuring the oxygen activity in the slag, the steelmaker can measure FeO or FeO+MnO values in slag.

Oxygen activity measurement of the slag allows:

  • increase steel cleanliness;
  • increase desulfurization efficiency;
  • prevent nozzle clogging during continuous casting;
  • reach exact steel grades;
  • fast online FeO or FeO+MnO measurement;
  • cost savings for deoxidants.
delta dist l

Delta Dist® L allows the steelmaker for an instant decision to add slag modifiers and to optimize ladle filling, slag carryover detection in the ladle furnace by measuring the slag thickness.

Delta Dist® L enables measuring the freeboard, slag thickness and bath level to optimize power consumption and increase the refractory lifetime in the ladle station, as well as detecting slag carryover and precise positioning of equipment, like injection lances and manipulators.

It allows for:

  • increase productivity
  • save costs for deoxidants
  • increase refractory lifetime
  • save energy
  • increase production efficiency
  • improve safety

QUSAS® Slag Samplers provide fast and safe sampling with the additional benefit that these samples are ready to analyze without sample preparation.

QUSAS® Slag Samplers enable fast and safe sampling of representative samples, as well as elimination of labor-intensive sample preparation, and use at BF, EAF, converter, ladle, LF, and degassing stations.

They allow for:

  • cost savings
  • improved safety
  • time saving

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