DL5 DIGILANCE WIRELESS w/LANCE Handheld Temperature Measurement Instrument for Molten Metal Type S (Pt10%Rh/Pt) 400°C to 1768°C (752°F to 3214°F) Multifunctional 18mm OLED display in °C Linearized according to IEC 60584, Scale IPTS 68 Protected Lithium Ion Battery Pack 3.5Ah - 40 Op Hrs/CHG Integrated Green, Yellow, Red LEDs and Buzzer Battery Charger with EU, US, UK Plug Adapters Included - Input 100 to 240V AC, 50 to 60Hz, Output 12V DC, 2A Wireless Communication via 2.4GHz Up to 8 INSTs Per WN

  • Sales Code: DL5WMSC68L
  • Product Category: Instruments, Software & Equipment
  • Global Region Availability: AMER
  • Industry: Foundry
  • Customer Application: Melting, Ladle, Casting
  • Non Splash Protection Sleeve: No
  • Thermocouple Type: S
  • Instrumentation: DL5; DL5WMSC68L

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