Heraeus Noblelight at Advanced Engineering 2019

At Advanced Engineering 2019, Heraeus Noblelight presented infrared emitters, which are precisely tailored to product and process in terms of shape, voltage and performance.

Heraeus Noblelight / Kussner

Heat exactly where it is needed!

Composite materials are fabricated in different ways based on their purpose - Infrared heat is used in the process because of its quick and homogeneous heating and curing characteristics.

Composites processing with Infrared Heat

Infrared heat cures thermosetting plastics and heats thermoplastics prior to welding, moulding or forming. Infrared radiation can be precisely adjusted to the product and the process. Advanced numerical methods such as ray tracing and computational fluid dynamics help make the heating of large surfaces homogeneous. or burrs and thus melt the burr without damaging the actual workpiece. With an contour-adjusted infrared emitter, the complete burr can be melted off in one step.

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