Customer-specific infrared heat solutions – from one source

IR systems manufacturing

An industrial heat process should seamlessly fit into the production process, precisely in line with cycle times. If you understand the specific application, you can design a heat system to save time, space and energy.
Our application experts work closely with you, from drafting to dimensioning and up to installation, to achieve exactly this.

We support you with the development of your production processes, implementation at the production plant and maintenance and repair.

With our know-how and many years of experience, we optimise your production processes and improve your operational efficiency in cooperation with you.

Infrared emitters and systems

Optimally matched infrared emitters are the best solution for industrial heat processes. A wide range of emitters, modules and systems enables you to find the ideal infrared solution for your process.


To dimension your plant, it is advantageous to perform simulations first. The use of CAE simulation (Computer Aided Engineering) and ray tracing enables fast and efficient simulation and optimisation of heat processes.

Test centre

At our test centres, we simulate your individual process under laboratory conditions and analyse specific applications. Competent and experienced engineers accompany and supervise the tests and you can clarify all important questions with them and discover potentials for improving your process.


If desired, we will plan and build complete systems for infrared heat processes, with infrared emitters, control system, handling and service. Everything from one source to guarantee everything goes smoothly.

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