UV air purifier creates healthy air for learning

Universities, colleges, trade and vocational schools benefit from UV light

A lecture in the lecture hall, a seminar in the classroom, hands-on learning in a lab - many students are together in one room and the rooms occupants are constantly changing. Many things are more easily learned in groups. However, if learning is to take place in person, then universities, technical colleges or other post-secondary schools need improved hygiene concepts.

Air purifiers with UV light disinfect the air quickly and efficiently. A UV air purifier is effective against viruses that cause corona, the flu or the common cold. This protects pupils and students - and of course their teachers, professors or instructors as well!

Soluva® devices for UV air disinfection in universities, colleges, trade and vocational schools.

UV air purifier Soluva® Air M10 ensures clean air

UV air purifier Soluva® Air M10 ensures clean air

 Soluva® Air M10 purifies the air in the lecture hall or corridor and thus reduces the risk of infection.

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The flexible UV air purifier Soluva® Air F

UV air purifier Soluva® Air F flexible usable

The  Soluva® Air F removes viruses from the air simply, serenely and strongly. It has flexibility for use in almost any space on walls, ceilings or on a portable stand.

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Integrate Soluva® Air D into existing HVAC ventilation systems

Soluva® Air D can be integrated into existing ventilation systems

For clean and virus-free air, existing HVAC ventilation systems benefit from UV air purification with  Soluva® Air D units. For a clean and virus-free air.

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