Disinfection of room air with UV (UVGI) light

Chemical-free disinfection for hospitals and medical practices

In hospitals and medical practices doctors and nursing staff work amidst constant exposure to a large number of pathogens. Likewise, in dental practices the aerosols of patients create a drect exposure risk for dentists and dental hygienists. Although disinfecting surfaces and objects is common, disinfecting the air is not. However, aerosols pose a considerable infection risk. The consequence: staff and patients may not be safe.

If too many employees are absent due to illness, this places even more stress on the still active staff further endangering their health. In addition, the situation causes bottlenecks that delay patient care. Furthermore, patients with pre-existing conditions are particularly at risk from germs in the indoor air.

A portion of the air recirculates again and again via the ventilation system. As a result, pathogens spread very quickly throughout the building. Systems with air filters also have a residual risk. HEPA filters of classes H13 and H14 can filter viruses. However, the major disadvantage of filters is that the pathogens are not killed or, in the case of viruses, inactivated. The filters quickly become heavily loaded with active pathogens. Leakage or improper handling of the filters during maintenance and replacement can release these active pathogens.

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The solution: Room air disinfection with UV (UVGI) light

The solution is called Soluva® Air D. We retrofit these UV disinfection modules that into every kind of ventilation system. Depending on the design, Soluva® Air D disinfects up to 25,000 cubic meters of air per hour. We would be happy to advise you in detail, carry out the UVC dose calculations and prepare a quotation for you. These complimentary services do not commit you to anything. Simply contact us! We look forward to your inquiry.

Soluva® Air W Wall

Equip smaller rooms like practices, treatment rooms, waiting rooms, meeting rooms.

2.649 EUR

Heraeus Noblelight: Leading expertise in light for over 118 years

As pioneers in UV disinfection, we offer you the most expertise, proven high-performance products and comprehensive individual advice. Over 100 years ago our company developed the first UV high-pressure lamp. Therefore, we are not only market leaders, but also pioneers in ultraviolet disinfection, also called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). We constantly modify our products for new applications and adapt them again and again to the specific needs of our customers.

UV disinfection has been working reliably for many years in:

  • hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and clean rooms
  • airports, offices and theaters
  • water treatment and in the food industry

UV disinfection of surfaces and objects

Soluva® Zone H - the mobile solution for UV-disinfection of surfaces
Soluva® Zone H - the mobile solution for UV-disinfection of surfaces

In addition to air disinfection, the fast and safe disinfection of surfaces and objects is also important in hospitals and medical practices. What was tedious and often cumbersome using wet disinfection is now quick and easy using the mobile, battery-operated Soluva® Zone H disinfection device. After just a short introduction you can integrate the use of the Soluva® Zone H into your healthcare environmental cleaning procedure.

Disinfect restrooms, handrails, handles, elevator buttons, keyboards, fittings, treatment beds - in short: everything that many people touch - with ultraviolet light. Simply by moving the disinfection unit over the surfaces and objects at a certain distance and speed. Experience has shown that users learn very quickly which speed and distance are optimal using test strips.

The Soluva® Zone H is ergonomically designed and as easy to use as a hair dryer.

The fire department of Erlensee-Langendiebach successfully tested the Soluva® Zone H to disinfect such things as flashlights, emergency radios and thermal imaging cameras as well as the interiors of fire engines, tables with laptops and emergency radios.

Powerful and long-lasting UV lamps

We offer particularly high-performance UV lamps. Soluva® products disinfect much faster than other products. In addition, they work with a large scattering angle which makes the application faster and safer, because you can reach even difficult angles.

Due to a special coating on the inside, our UV lamps are particularly long-lasting. Because of the longer operating hours per lamp you save further on maintenance costs and valuable working time.

UV disinfection: additional applications in medical facilities

In addition to surfaces and objects in waiting areas and treatment rooms, you can extend occupant safety by using UV disinfection devices in the laboratory, offices, meeting rooms and the cafeteria. For this we offer solutions for every need: from space-saving table-top units, slim floor-standing units, quickly mounted wall and ceiling units to self-propelled robots.