UVC (UVGI) disinfection for clean rooms and manufacturing

Chemical-free disinfection: simple, effective, reliable

Healthy employees and continuing manufacturing production - these are two important requirement for manufacturing, especially in times of the corona pandemic. Keeping the air clean is one of the top requirements for maintaining a hygienic environment,

  • when it comes to cleanrooms and
  • if circulating cooled or heated air.

Existing HEPA filters are only part of the solution. After only a short period of use, the filters become heavily loaded with active pathogens. With every maintenance and filter change, germs can escape and spread during operation. It is also possible that a defect causes a leak. Human and technical error can have considerable consequences - up to and including company closure.

UVC disinfection in clean rooms and the manufacturing industry

For disinfecting the air in clean rooms and rooms with low temperatures, we offer you a proven, chemical-free solution: UVC disinfection. Retrofitting with our Soluva® Air D UVC disinfection modules is simple, as no major changes need to be made to the existing system.

On the other hand, when retrofitting a ventilation system that has HEPA filters, the ventilation system must be expanded to maintain the existing capacity. Otherwise, there will be a decrease in overall ventilation capacity.

The Soluva® Air D disinfection modules fit into any air conditioning or ventilation system and disinfect up to 25,000 cubic meters of air per hour. The UVC emitters from Heraeus Noblelight are particularly powerful, low maintenance and durable.

Our disinfection products are proven for many years in:

  • the food and packaging industry
  • clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry and microchip production
  • health clinics and medical practices
  • airports, hotels, theaters and office buildings

We would be pleased to advise you on the optimal product solution, create an individual design and submit a complimentary estimate.

UVC disinfection for improved worker safety

Does your work require clean room conditions and employ highly qualified personnel? Then an interruption due to an infectious disease can ultimately paralyze entire departments. Or are you currently looking for new employees? A safe working environment is an important argument when recruiting qualified staff and retaining existing specialists in your company. Disinfecting the air contributes significantly to infection prevention and employee wellbeing.

If you work with fresh products or in other sensitive areas, then production is also at risk due to possible damage to products. Protect your staff, your capital and your company image by disinfecting the air with UVC light.

Suitable products for UV disinfection of productions/ clean rooms