UV Air Purifier for Smart Buildings

Why you should invest in solutions with UV light

Modern living with clean indoor air

Modern buildings are cleverly cut, sustainably built, equipped with intelligent technology and efficiently heated. Of course, they provide warmth in winter and cool ventilation in summer.
Shouldn't the air then also be as germ-free as possible?

UV light for innovative air handling systems

Perfect, if the room air conditioning system is equipped with a suitable air disinfection system right from the start. Soluva® Air D air purifiers disinfect the air in the air ducts quickly and efficiently. With UV light, without by-products and, above all, without expensive filter changes. A UV air purifier is effective against viruses that cause corona, the flu or the common cold.

Soluva® Air D UV air purifiers are a good investment for the builders as well as for the future occupants.

Soluva® Air D – The ideal in-duct air disinfection system.

Soluva® Air D uses intense UV-C light with exactly 254 nm wavelength, perfect for destroying corona viruses and their mutations without producing ozone

In contrast to HEPA filters, Soluva® Air D doesn’t cause a pressure loss in the system – air handling fans can run as usual, and there are no expensive on-going filter changes

Installation into existing ducts is quick and easy thanks to a modular design – simply combine multiple modules for higher air flow rates

Soluva® Air D modules also work in humid environments with up to 85% humidity