Air purification with UV light in buses and other public transportation

UV disinfection protects against viruses and other germs

Going to work or school by bus or other public transportation? Or taking the bus to go shopping or even a short vacation? With many people in a relatively confined space, many transit passengers worry about catching a cold, the flu or even Coronavirus. Opening the windows to provide fresh air simply isn’t an option when it’s raining or uncomfortably hot or cold outside.

Especially for public transportation systems such as city and regional bus fleets, the risk of community spread is high. Plus there is the possibility of service disruptions should bus drivers and transit operators fall ill. Additional on-board air purification using UV disinfection is an effective and reliable way to reduce the risk of community virus spread and service disruptions.

UV disinfection in the bus - air purification for optimum protection of passengers

UV disinfection units continuously purify the cabin air of buses and other public transport vehicles while in motion - reliably and efficiently. The UVC light immediately destroys viruses, their mutants, bacteria and other pathogens. Heraeus verified this with different institutes.

The Soluva® Air V UVGI air purification unit simply mounts on the ceiling of the passenger cabin. The use of Soluva® Air V has already proven its worth in public bus fleets.

Retrofit any bus type with UV air disinfection

Air purification with UV light in buses and other public transport - Universal solution Soluva® Air V

Heraeus Noblelight developed a certified UV disinfection bus ventilation retrofit solution. The retrofit time to install UVGI lamps is only two to three hours per bus.

The units are CE-certified and successfully passed VDE Institute testing. With few modifications, the UV disinfection units are suitable for retrofitting into all bus types worldwide. Installation during the production process of new vehicles would even be possible with almost no additional time.

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UV-C disinfection - even after Corona

Viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms can survive for a long time in tiny water droplets in the air, called aerosols. They spread from person to person, especially where many people congregate in close quarters, such as on trains, buses, subways, and other public transportation.

UV-C light is very effective against SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses, bacteria and fungi. Even after the Corona pandemic passes, UV-C light will reach and render other infectious germs such as the flu harmless, because UV light is relentless against germs.

Soluva® products for UV disinfection of buses and other public transportion vehicles

Soluva® Air V for air purification in the bus

Soluva® Air V for air purification in the bus

Developed for UVGI air disinfection in vehicles, this device installs permanently into the ventilation of transportation vehicles. It disinfects up to 3000 m³/h of air.

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Soluva® Zone H for controls, displays, armrests

Soluva® Zone H for handles, displays, armrests

Soluva® Zone H devices are ideal for UV disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as switches, armrests, center consoles, door handles, and displays. Mobile and battery operated, simply scan the device over surfaces to disinfect with UV light.

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