UV (UVGI) disinfection for kindergarten and daycare center

Air purifier with UV light - chemical-free and effective air disinfection

Children should be in good hands in kindergarten, learn important things, practice interacting with others or simply play with their friends.

Children, educators and parents have long missed much of this during the pandemic. All of them now want reliable care in the daycare center - without viruses and other dangerous germs in the air.

Soluva® air purifiers from Heraeus Noblelight with UV disinfection efficiently disinfect the air in the kindergarten, many kindergartens are convinced:

  • "We chose Soluva devices because no dangerous filter changes are necessary here."
  • "For us, in addition to clean air, it was important that the children have nowhere to hurt their fingers. Soluva Air W units on the wall fulfill that!"
  • "UV disinfection destroys many viruses and germs, this helps our facility to be open longer. This has convinced our parents."

UV light for air purification fights against coronaviruses in kindergartens and daycare centers - scientifically proven

Is it safe to use UVC light to destroy coronaviruses in the air, without harming children, caregivers or educators?

  • • The Commission on Indoor Air Hygiene (IRK) of the Federal Environment Agency concluded on Nov. 16, 2020 that air purifiers with UV-C radiation are capable of inactivating SARS-CoV-2 viruses and can thus reduce the risk of infection. It is important to use commercially engineered devices for this purpose to ensure occupant safety.
  •  UV-C light destroys the RNA structure of viruses as well as the genetic material of other dangerous germs, rendering them harmless. Several studies prove UV-C light almost completely, 99.99%, inactivates SARS-CoV-2 viruses.
  •  Further studies prove that enclosed UV-C devices clean the air very effectively. Even a single cycle is sufficient to inactivate the virus to the point it is no longer detectable.
  •  UV air disinfection is a long-term solution. It inactivates virus mutations, cold or flu viruses long into the future and the germs cannot develop resistance to UV light.

Soluva® devices for UV air disinfection in kindergardens and daycare centers

Soluva® Air W for air purification in the kindergarden and daycare center

Soluva Air W UV Disinfection in kindergarten

Virus-free air in the kindergarten thanks to UVC light, efficient and chemical-free thanks to Soluva® Air W air purifiers with UV light.

 Customer success story: Soluva® Air W in kindergarden of the Kathinka-Platzhoff-Foundation in Hanau, Germany.

Soluva® Air D for air purification in rooms with mechanical ventilation - is now subsidized by some states and utilities!

Soluva Air D UV disinfection in schools

Soluva® Air D is ideal for air handling units (AHU) where the UVC lights disinfect the air as it flows through the ducts, efficiently destroying viruses and other germs so that purified air reaches all rooms in the kindergarten.

 Customer success stories about the Soluva® Air D

 More information about UV air disinfection with the Soluva® Air D