Soluva® air purifier with UV light – the safe solution wherever people want to breathe easy

Soluva® air purifiers remove viruses, bacteria and pathogens of all kinds from room air and surfaces using UV light. UV disinfection works quietly and without any odor or chemicals. UV air purifiers are durable and future-proof, effective against all variants and mutants. No other method is as effective, low-maintenance and easy to install.

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UV disinfection tailor-made for every room and all applications

Viruses and other harmful pathogens spread easily in rooms where many people enter and exit, are active, work or study together, and also in vehicles, buses and trains. Soluva® devices destroy the germs with high-energy UV light and thus ensure fresh, clean air and virus-free surfaces.

The range of applications for air purifiers and surface disinfection with UV light is limitless: apartments, medical practices and healthcare facilities, shops, restaurants and hotels, educational facilities and public buildings, small businesses and large companies - Soluva® offers a perfectly suitable solution for every application and all room sizes.

9 Compelling Facts: UV disinfection of air and surfaces

With Soluva® Air you ensure that people who come together in interior spaces and rooms can breathe freely without fear of infection.

Whether private or business, in educational and cultural institutions, or public buildings: Soluva® UV disinfection devices effectively remove viruses, bacteria and pathogens from rooms which many people frequent or stay together for a long time. Absolutely reliable and future-proof, no matter which variant or mutant is currently in circulation. This means you are well prepared for all future waves of flu and colds.

The effect is scientifically proven. And: UV light even combats multi-resistant germs without generating resistance itself.

  • Soluva® Air air purification devices are available for different areas of application and every room size - from the living room to commercial and public buildings of all sizes.
  • With the Soluva® Zone H handheld device, you can sterilize surfaces quickly and efficiently. Ideal in vehicles, buses and trains as well as for sensitive electronics or devices that cannot tolerate wet cleaning.

Active health management is important for the self-employed as well as for large companies, public institutions and systemically important areas. That also pays off economically. With Soluva® UV air and surface cleaning, you make a valuable contribution that benefits you and all of your employees in many ways.

Your advantages:

  • Protects the health and productivity of you and your workforce.
  • Reduces the risk of infection and illness rate.
  • In addition to effectiveness against Corona, it also reduces sick leave during "normal", seasonal flu and cold waves.
  • Reduces costs - fewer staff absences preventing illness-related delivery problems or even loss of sales/earnings, not to mention disgruntled customers.
  • An additional employee benefit which increases satisfaction and helps attract new employees.
  • Soluva® air purifiers may be eligible for government or other funding. We would be happy to advise you on this.

UV-C light is used for the UV disinfection of room air and surfaces. It is very high in energy and has been proven to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi in seconds by penetrating the genetic material of viruses and germs and inactivating them.

Ultraviolet light is short-wavelength light that is invisible to the human eye. It also occurs in natural sunlight. Depending on the wavelength of the rays, the UV range is divided into the three classes UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, each of which has different biological effects and technological application areas.

UV-C light is used for UV disinfection of room air and surfaces. It is very high in energy and proven to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi in seconds by penetrating the genetic material of the viruses and germs and inactivating them. The viruses can no longer multiply and are therefore no longer infectious.

Simply brilliant – how UV disinfection works:

Viruses and other germs spread via aerosols, tiny water droplets that float in the air and settle on surfaces.

Soluva® Air air purifiers pull in room air and direct it past powerful UV lamps. The high-energy UV rays kill the virus and the air flows back into the room free of germs. When the devices are in operation, the room air is constantly circulated and sterilized.

Soluva® Zone H is a mobile, battery-operated handheld device for disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in public spaces, such as vehicle cockpits, handles in bus interiors, conference tables, reception desks and elevators, displays and keyboards, or even emergency services, police or fire department equipment. UV surface disinfection is dry, contactless and chemical-free, so it can also clean sensitive materials. It is sufficient to briefly scan the handheld device over the respective surface several times.

Numerous scientific researches confirm that UV disinfection and specifically Soluva® devices are a highly effective measure against pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Numerous scientific research studies confirm that UV disinfection and especially Soluva® devices, are a highly effective measure against pathogens in the air and on surfaces. This is shown in studies by the University of Tübingen, Boston University and independent institutes such as Fraunhofer and Max Planck among others.

For example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics tested Soluva® Air devices under real conditions of a classroom and proved a virus load reduction of up to 99.99%.

According to a study by the Max Planck Institute, the UV air purifier Soluva® Air W reduces the probability of infection by 84% for everyone present in a small room, even without a face mask.

In 2021, Soluva® Air was awarded the "Innovation Prize of the German Mobility Industry" in the "Corona Special Prize"category.

You are welcome to download and view detailed information on the studies and documents here: Studies

UV light is highly energetic, as anyone who has ever been sunburnt knows. However, the design of Soluva® UV disinfection devices ensures UV light remains inside the device. The people present are absolutely safe because no UV light can escape into the room.

For many years the industrial sector has used UV light to disinfect packaging materials, air and water without any problems. We built our devices on this experience.

Special safety measures only apply to the UV handheld device. The recommended personal protective equipment, gloves and face protection, is included in the scope of delivery. This handheld device should not be used in occupied spaces.

Our devices are quick and easy to install and convenient to use:

  • No conversion: Simply attach the devices to the wall or ceiling, or use them mounted on mobile stands.
  • No electrical wiring or special connections: standard electrical outlets are sufficient for the connection.
  • User-friendly: Handling and control are simple and intuitive.
  • Low-maintenance: The devices run reliably in continuous operation without having to replace consumables.
  • Durable: Typically the UV lamps only need to be replaced after 12,000 to 16,000 hours of operation at the earliest - that's several years, even with continuous daily use.

We would be happy to convince you of these advantages in a personal demonstration.

The investment in Soluva® devices for air and surface cleaning pays off.

  • Of course, the initial cost depends on the device(s) you need for an optimal solution. Compared to other technologies such as air purifiers with HEPA filters, Soluva® devices are often less expensive.
  • Since there are no consumables, there are no additional costs during operation.
  • By protecting yourself and your employees from absenteeism due to illness, you reduce operating costs and secure productivity, delivery dates and yields.
  • Companies and small business owners thus have an effective advertising argument for their customers or guests, without any extra marketing costs.

We are happy to calculate the costs and show your economic advantages in a custom quote.

Air purifiers with HEPA filters, which circulate indoor air and filter out particles, are a traditional solution. In a system comparison, UV disinfection offers decisive advantages:

  • Practical: UV-C air purifiers produce hardly any noise. They are easy to use and take up less space. They are less conspicuous and often fit better into any interior environment with their subtle, modern design. And they are lighter and more flexible in use. In addition, not only can you disinfect the room air with UV light, but also surfaces of all kinds.
  • Technological: HEPA filters only collect active viruses. In contrast, UV devices from Soluva® destroy the viruses immediately, rendering them inactive and thus permanently harmless.
  • Economical: HEPA filters need replacing regularly. This requires maintenance labor and filter costs. Since there are no consumables for UV devices and the UV lamps have a long service life, the maintenance effort is significantly lower and there are no additional costs.

Here are the most important advantages at a glance:

  • 99.99% disinfection effect
  • future-proof against all virus variants/mutations
  • chemical and odor free
  • easy to install and use
  • quiet and comfortable in use
  • low-maintenance and cost-saving
  • reliable quality developed in Germany

Soluva® air purifier and UV disinfection: safety tested and quality designed in Germany

Soluva® for UV air purification and disinfecting surfaces are 100% developed in Germany by the international technology leader and expert Heraeus Noblelight and manufactured to the highest quality standards. High-quality materials and careful processing make the products extremely robust and durable. The service life of the powerful UV-C lamps from Heraeus Noblelight is particularly long at 12,000 to 16,000 operating hours.


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