Success Stories of our UVC (UVGI) Disinfection Products: air filters and virus killers

Where Soluva® already disinfects indoor air and surfaces

UV-C (UVGI) disinfection in medical practices and vaccination centers

In hospitals and medical practices, doctors and nursing staff work amidst constant exposure to a large number of COVID-19 pathogens. Likewise, in dental practices the aerosols of patients create a drect exposure risk for dentists and dental hygienists. Although disinfecting surfaces and objects is common, disinfecting the air is not. However, aerosols pose a considerable infection risk. The consequence: staff and patients may not be safe. To counteract this, some medical facilities, such as a podiatry practice, a cardiology practice and a vaccination center, already use disinfection with UV-C (UVGI) light:

UV-C (UVGI) disinfection for kindergartens, schools and universities

Kindergartens, schools, technical colleges, universities - wherever many people move, touch, talk, cough and sneeze, the risk of infection from viruses or bacteria is ever-present. The goal is to keep the risk of infection as low as possible and facilities open.



In the kindergarten group room a Soluva® Air W UV device disinfects the air to protect children and teachers from infection.

School Hanau


To protect students and teachers from COVID-19 infection, in addition to the usual hygiene measures a number of schools already installed Heraeus Noblelight Soluva® Air W and Soluva® Air M UV-C (UVGI) air disinfection units.

UV-C (UVGI) disinfection in large rooms and halls

Large rooms such as movie theaters, performance theaters or churches are difficult to heat and cool. This is often done with forced-air heating and cooling systems which condition the air and then blow the air through ducts throughout the space. However, this can distribute viruses and other germs as well.

UV-C (UVGI) disinfection in public transport

Using local and long-distance public transportation is a comparatively high-risk infection activity: In buses, trains and similar means of transport, many people come together in relatively small spaces, often over a longer period - ideal conditions for virus transmission.

UV-C (UVGI) disinfection in seminar, training and social rooms

Seminars, conferences or technical training are often face-to-face events that are not easy to replace with digital alternatives. Particularly for hands-on training courses, air quality and safety play an important role to protect instructors and attendees.

UV-C (UVGI) disinfection in dance schools, fitness studios, recreational facilities

Many dance and sport enthusiasts are waiting to go to clubs, dance schools or fitness studios again. A virtual alternative does not replace in-person dancing or sport courses, whether professional or leisure. Sufficient ventilation is often a problem. Air sterilization units can provide a solution and ensure sufficient air exchange.

UV-C (UVGI) disinfection in hotels, cafes and restaurants

As the impact of the Corona pandemic showed in 2020, restaurant and café businesses are one of the most disrupted due to infection risk. Wearing a mask is difficult when eating and drinking. Keeping distance helps protect customers from infection. Even better is the use of UV air purification devices enabling customers to eat and socialize safely in the restaurant or café.

UV-C (UVGI) light helps facility management

Since the Corona pandemic, facility services customers place even greater emphasis on hygiene with demand for surface disinfection rising sharply. Common practice in commercial building cleaning is wiping surfaces with disinfectant solutions. This wet disinfection method reaches its limits when not only documents and stacks of paper are affected, but also sensitive electronics, displays and keyboard surfaces. UV disinfection is a better alternative.

UV-C (UVGI) disinfection in industrial production

Healthy employees and continuing manufacturing production - these are two important requirements for manufacturing, especially in times of the corona pandemic. Keeping the air clean is one of the top requirements for maintaining a hygienic environment in cleanrooms and in heated and cooled manufacturing areas where air circulates through a duct system. Industrial production in clean rooms and other areas with low temperatures is already using a chemical-free UV air disinfection solution: Soluva® Air D modules which retrofit into ventilation systems.