Success Stories of our UVC Disinfection Products

Soluva® on the Field

Disinfection with the Handheld Solution in a Podological Practise

Podological Practise

Soluva® products are also used in a podologicist practice. Soluva® Air W disinfects room air simple, safe and fast without the use of chemicals.
The Disinfection Chamber is perfect for the disinfection of masks and podology instruments. Patient chairs, counter and disinfectant dispenser get disinfected with the Soluva® UV Handheld Solution .

The Soluva® UV Handheld Solution is a handy device for mobile applications. It disinfects door knobs, supports and other objects of different sizes and shapes. The material-friendly disinfection is of course chemical-free and dry. It is ergonomically optimized to reduce fatigue.

These actions help avoid infection of high risk patients since it is a reliable and efficient disinfection.

Disinfection of Mobile Phones, Keys, Masks and Patient Sheets in the St. Marien-Hospital Mülheim

St. Marien Hospital

The St. Marien-Hospital in Mülheim an der Ruhr uses the Soluva® UV Disinfection Chamber to disinfect moblile phones, keys, masks and patient sheets. Due to its quick and reliable disinfection, the chamber helps avoid damage of electrical objects and other items.

The Soluva® UV Disinfection Chamber impresses with its 360° irradiation and disinfection. The timer enables effective & reliable disinfection which is chemical-free and dry. it is also simple to handle.

Fire Deparments and Their Infection Prevention

Fire Truck

Fire departments disinfect their thermal cameras, flashlights and emergency radios through Disinfection Chambers . The Handheld Solution is used for fire truck interior, tables with laptops and emergency radios. This helps prevent firefighters from becoming infected and ensures operational readiness of truck and staff. The quick and dry disinfection protects the electronic equipment.

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Soluva® UV Handheld Disinfection System: The Must-Have for Cab Companies

Cab Company

Cab companies disinfect their drivers room, steering wheels and customer seats with Handheld Solution . The dry and quick disinfection helps to avoid infection of guests and taxi drivers after shift change.